Having found You, I have found the whole world

Baba says, ‘engage yourself in this spiritual study‘. When you die, the world is dead for you.

Until not too long ago, I was living in a different world…in Ravan’s world. I had learnt its ways, adopted its code, its lifestyle. I wasn’t happy or peaceful there, then came Baba.

When He came and made me belong to Him, I gave Him my life. In other words, I died alive from the old world that I was a part of. When someone dies, they forget the old birth completely. They are born to new parents, into a new household. It’s the same here. I had a different life before with different people, I have taken birth to a different set of parents – Brahma Baba who is my mother and Shiv Baba, my Father. My Father is also my Teacher and Guru. So, now my life is different.

It’s very different, in fact. It’s a whole new world that my new Parents have created.

  1. while in the old world, I thought of myself as a body and thereby operated under that consciousness, here I am taught that I am a soul, the elevated being that takes on a body to play a part. I am not a role or title or bank balance, I am a pure, peaceful being with divine virtues and spiritual powers.
  2. while in the old world, the rule is ‘survival of the fittest’, here I am encouraged to be part of a world family. I am taught to develop a vision and attitude of brotherhood.
  3. while in the old world, I was told that I needed to be shrewd and clever enough to navigate my way to success, here I am encouraged to be pure, clean and honest. While there, it was all about the head, here it is about a honest and clean heart.
  4. while in the old world, I was taught to bang my fist on the table and fight for my rights, here, I am told that I already have a right.
  5. while in the old world, rules were created by people and both the rules and people changed by the hour, here, the rules are set by my Father and Him alone. There is no change, no debate, no opinions. When I have questions or need advice, I only go to my Parents. There is no knocking on multiple doors, no conflicting opinions, no confusion.
  6. while in the old world, I was asked to learn to network and lobby to ensure I get what I want, here, I am asked to focus on myself- on making my awareness, attitude and vision pure which means, selfless. I am asked to focus on molding my character, my manners rather than on my street-smartness.
  7. While in the old world, I was asked to busy myself in knowing everything about everyone and every topic, here, I am asked to immerse myself in the spiritual knowledge and in remembrance of my eternal, true self and my eternal, true Father. My aim is to change from a human into a deity.
  8. while in the old world, it was tit-for-tat, here, I am asked to be myself, maintain my self-respect, my awareness of who I am at all times. Whether I face praise or insult, I am not swayed. My stage does not depend on others’, I hold the reins to my own power. I always maintain good wishes and pure feelings for myself and others.
  9. while in the old world, desires were endless and therefore the chase and hustle were perpetual, here, there is zero chasing or hustling. As a soul who remains in that true consciousness, I am content.
  10. while in the old world, I was out fending for myself, here my Parents take full responsibility for my well-being – all I need to do is accurately follow the code of conduct and Shrimat they have laid down for my own protection.
  11. while in the old world, I bowed down before everyone from the deities to the priests, the parents, teachers, leaders…everyone, here, I my Father tells me I am a sovereign that needs to bow before no one….not even Him. He sees me as His equal.

This is the spiritual study- where I change from a being of the old world to a being of the new world. The cycle of time has turned and it is now a sliver away from becoming the golden age from the iron age. This little sliver that we call the confluence is the only time I have to become qualified to live in that golden age and set myself up for the rest of the cycle.

But, can it be done? After all, I have been body conscious for half a cycle, the old world sanskars are ingrained in me.

When I think logically like an ordinary human being, it seems like an impossible task…why bother! But then, this is not a task being done by an ordinary human-being. This is a task being done by God Himself – He is the Purifier, the Almighty Authority. It is remembered that it did not take God long to change humans into deities.

Do I have this faith that God Himself is my Father, my Teacher and my Satguru? This is key because only a faithful intellect has victory. Only when I have faith will believe that I have indeed taken a new birth, in this new world to new Parents. Only when I have faith will I appreciate and study the spiritual study I am being taught. Only when I have faith will I recognize and appreciate the value of this short time I have to study. Because if I don’t study now, then this time will end, the season will end. It’s like farming – there is a time to sow the seeds and then it is time to reap. If I didn’t sow, there will be nothing to reap and it will be too late to sow. This knowledge will not exist in the golden age, that is the time to reap the fruit of the effort I put in now. I don’t have access to these Parents, this Teacher and Guru at any other time in the cycle. I don’t have this awareness of the cycle at any other time.

God comes to liberate me from the old world and its ways, He gives me a new birth, a new life, a brand new world. But I can only experience it if I have died alive from the old. Isn’t that what I wanted all along? to be delivered from the false into the truth?

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