Being an embodiment of awareness

Baba says, ‘contentment is your property‘. It is your right.

At the end of the cycle, God comes and finds His children discontent and hopeless in the land of Ravan. It was understandable – I had forgotten who I am and Whom I belonged to. He came and reminded me- you are a pure, peaceful soul. You are My child. He also told me the story of the world- this used to be heaven, He told me. It is hell now. I am here to re-establish heaven and help you reclaim your sovereignty.

I am a child of God. I am a sovereign. It is simultaneously a feeling of relief, disbelief and excitement. What a fortune! As I progress further, I learn about my original virtues, spiritual powers. I learn about the Father – the Almighty Authority, the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge! I learn about the Drama – it is benevolent, on my side. I understand that it might not seem that way always but in time, I always find that whatever happens is accurate and beneficial.

So I have attained God Himself and everything that is His as my inheritance. Is there anything I could still want beyond my sense of identity, belonging and heaven in inheritance? And yet, I can still find myself discontent.

It is important to first understand the basis of discontentment. Baba says, discontentment comes from a lack of attainment. But then, I have all the attainment, I’ve just recounted my attainment and can talk at length about each of them! It’s one thing, Baba says, to know of your attainment intellectually and another thing to be an embodiment of attainment. It is one thing, He says, to have the points in your head and recite them and another thing to feel it in your heart. When there is the gap between the head and the heart, I don’t feel satisfied because the soul craves experience, not words. Then, I go back to looking for attainment in limited ways in the world outside- whether it is in terms of relationships, accomplishments, possessions, whatever.

To become the embodiment, therefore, is the key. A couple things to look for here:

  1. let me check what attainment I am lacking in my life. I receive clues by looking at what in the world is pulling me when I sit in remembrance or taking my attention through the day. Is it a particular relationship? is it a need for approval? is it a dependency on outcomes to feel a sense of accomplishment? Let me identity the gap and fill myself with that attainment spiritually. I have all my relationships with God, no one can fulfill them better than He can…and He will. He is bound to His children. Let me practice remaining in the awareness of a soul, let me spin the discus of self-realization and look at my entire part in the Drama. It is when I slip into body consciousness that I crave approvals and have expectations. When I remember who I am, I realize I have attained all that I ever wanted.
  2. let me spend enough time in each awareness. To become an embodiment, I need to give myself time- really soak or marinate myself in that awareness. Whether it is my qualities of peace or purity…let me really give myself time, sit down time, to experience it deeply in my bones. Let me experience myself in my sweet silence home with my Father. Let me experience the relationships with Baba throughout the day. Essentially, practice ‘who am I?’ and ‘Whom I belong to?’ in different ways and repeatedly. Just as body consciousness became so natural to I, the soul such that I forgot who I am, I have to reverse the process by spending time in the opposite consciousness until it has penetrated deeply.

Becoming an embodiment means the awareness becomes natural. When I only remember points intellectually, it feels like labor because I have to summon my will with no experience to back it up.

Let me remember what Baba tells me and then experience it: yes, I am the light of Baba’s eyes. Yes, I am seated on His heart throne. Yes, I am a tiny point of light seated in the center of the forehead. Practice! then, it becomes my natural self-respect. And no, I am not practicing something that is fake, this is truth told to me by God. I really am these things. When I spin the discus and look at each of my forms, that is my truth! it is fixed in the Drama! it is guaranteed, believe it, soak in it and then step into it naturally.

When I, the soul, feel a deep sense of self-respect and belonging to God, I feel full. I feel content and satisfied. Then, no matter what situation of whatever size comes in front of me, I am not shaken. I am able to face it. Then, no matter how rude or impolite a soul might be, I am able to tolerate with genuine love because I have the strength within me to understand and accept. Then, I don’t blame anyone or a circumstance for anything, I have moved on to the solution. Then, I don’t have questions about why, what or how something or someone is the way it is, it’s not relevant to me. Then, I don’t seek or search for feedback from anyone. I am full.

You are all jewels, says Baba but a jewel of contentment has a different sparkle to it. It is the sparkle of satisfaction. It is the sparkle of having claimed that which is your property, of having claimed your right.

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