Once again

Baba says, ‘no one else understands how to use the term “once again“‘ You children understand that you are once again becoming kings of kings.

Baba tells me the story of the world. It is a cycle of 5000 years, He explains. By definition, a cycle is a series of events that is repeated again and again, always in the same order. It’s circular, eternal and has no beginning and no end. It just continues to turn – what is up comes down and what was down goes up, again.

And therefore, nothing that is happening in the world at this moment is exactly new. It has happened countless times before, will happen countless times again. This also means that I have come to Baba countless times before! We’ve partnered countless times before, these scenes are occurring once again, they are not new.

No soul, great soul, righteous soul or religious founder has the awareness or knowledge of ‘once again’, whereas all of you Brahmin souls have such a clear awareness and knowledge of it that it is as though everything of 5000 years is just a matter of yesterday, says Baba. You were this yesterday, you are this today and you will be this tomorrow. Therefore, the history of 5000 years is merged in the words ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’.  

The key is to always remain in this awareness. Then, I become unshakable. It changes my perspective on life- I view the scenes of life as entertainment, as a game I am part of rather than with fear or anxiety.

The entire part of the soul is merged within it. This is the great wonder of the soul- such a tiny point of light has the entire part of 5000 years merged within it. I am now playing my final scenes of this cycle. Yes, I don’t know what the next scene or even the next moment holds, so yes, it is new in that sense. But the intellect with faith in the knowledge that Baba has given me knows that while this may seem new to me now, I have passed through this scene many, many times before. It is repeating again. That, takes the fear away.

Sometimes, we use the knowledge of the cycle in a negative way. We look at past events and squirm thinking that those scenes will repeat again. Yes, they will….5000 years later! What is important is what I am doing now. This current scene is playing out now. If I choose to spend this moment taking sorrow from the past, then I just created a scene of sorrow for myself that will also repeat again! I cannot change the yesterday but I can certainly take control of my today such that I have a better tomorrow.

I am the same soul who has once again been reunited with my Father and my own family. Let me make this foundation strong. Let me spin the cycle in my intellect and look at my entire story. I am the same soul that has played all these roles, not once, not twice, but countless times. I am doing it again

When I make this faith firm, I will not find it difficult to imbibe purity, to follow the code of conduct or to follow Shrimat. I say: Baba, You have come once again. I had forgotten You. You gave me the sovereignty. You have now come and we have met again. I will definitely follow your Shrimat. ‘Talk to yourself in this way’, says Baba. This helps build my faith.

When I understand the knowledge, I also don’t reject myself for having lost the sovereignty I once had. I don’t look at the state of the country or the world and wonder why things are in the state that they are in. I know…it’s the cycle. What was up has to come down. And the present time that we call the confluence age is auspicious because it is the time to go up again. The world goes from hitting rock bottom, from the depths of the iron age to the glory of the golden age. This reflects souls going from the deep sleep of bhakti to being embodiments of knowledge. This is the real nature cure, says Baba.

While, by definition, there is transformation throughout the cycle, this is the greatest transformation that takes me into the ascending stage. Only God can enable this transformation in such a short window of time. This is why it is important, Baba says, that you remember Me alone at this time. Your concern should be to become satopradhan again, to melt the alloy and become real gold again. That only happens in the fire of remembrance of the One and it has to be constant, till my very last breath of this life. This is a pilgrimage, He reminds me. Once you are in the golden age, there will be no peacelessness or sorrow, only peace, happiness and prosperity.

So, O traveler of the night, don’t become weary. The destination of the dawn is not far off.

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