The magical flute

Baba says, ‘to play the flute means to give knowledge‘. There is magic in the flute.

It is sung that if you want to hear about super-sensuous joy, then ask the gops and gopis. They are shown swooning to the sound of Krishna’s flute. They forget the world around them and lose themselves in his remembrance, to the ‘magic of the flute’. That, of course, is mythology! Also, playing the physical flute is common, there are many who play it well.

The real Murlidhar (the One who bears the flute) is God. He plays the flute of knowledge every day. It is the magic of His knowledge that is remembered. It is magical because those who hear it, understand it and imbibe it within themselves transform from humans into deities. Every word of this knowledge is musical, magical.

It lifts the soul out of the consciousness of the body and reminds me of who I am. It fills the atmosphere with the praise of my elevated destiny. It reminds me of each of my treasures and attainments. It sings the song of my whole story – of it’s beginning, middle and end.

It also reminds me of Whom I belong to – the Supreme Beloved from Whom I had been separated for 5000 years. I have waited a long time to hear His flute, now it beckons me to follow. As I continue to listen, I am lifted beyond the influence of the physical senses, I forget every care, who is around me or what else is going on. I forget the world around me and am lost in His every word, every note…it is an experience…of super-sensuous joy. At times, His flute transports me to the subtle region, other times, I find myself at home…in the soul world experiencing the peace it sings about. Then, the flute beckons me to the land of happiness.

I find myself in a new world. Here, everyone is content and happy, they are cheerful. There is no feeling of heaviness of burdens, of responsibilities and roles. There are no insecurities or fears. Everyone respects and appreciates each other- for no specific reason or hidden agenda…it’s how they are, it’s natural. No one doubts themselves or the other. No one is looking to under-cut, manipulate or hustle. No one is looking to please or impress, no one needs approvals or feedback. In other words, there is no selfishness at any level- thoughts, words or actions. It’s a simple world, a pure world, the way it was always meant to be.

This is where you belong, He sings to me. You don’t belong in this old world. I have come now to take you home and then, you will come into the new world. Always remain in this awareness – never forget who you are, Whom you belong to and where you are headed. Then, you will remain constantly happy, He says.

Never lose your happiness, He sings. There is nothing else as magical as happiness. 

Even after He has stopped playing, His music continues to fill my mind. I continue to remember each note, go deep into it, experience it, make it mine. I transport myself, whenever I want, to all the places He has shown me. I remember all my experiences with Him, every relationship I have with Him, all the things He has told me, taught me, shown me. I rarely ever think of this old world except when I have to tend to the body- it is invaluable for without it, I wouldn’t be able to experience His company, His flute. Every little moment I have, I spend with Him- I go home even if it is just for a minute- it is just me, Him and the eternal sweet silence. I am filled with peace. His love melts away the alloy in the soul- those fears, those habits, whatever. I become light, carefree, confident.

Every day, He plays a new song, a new tune, a different note. Of Him, it is sung that even if one turned the whole ocean into ink, a forest into pens and the earth into paper, His knowledge would not run out.

The more time I spend with Him, the magic works on me. The body consciousness, even the awareness of the body, washes off and all that is left is I, the soul and the Beloved.

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