The Father and the world cycle

Baba says, ‘give the introduction of the Father and the world cycle‘. No one else has this knowledge.

There is a divine energy within this body that sustains the body, the one who lives, takes decisions, performs actions using the body. That energy is who I am, the soul, a tiny point of light residing at the center of the forehead. It is not a physical light but a light of conscious energy, the fundamental being of experience. Life exists as a result of a union of soul and body. I, the soul am the one who experiences this life through this body made of five elements.

They say God is beyond name and form or they say He is omnipresent. Neither is true. At this time in the world cycle, God Himself comes to give souls His own introduction. Just as I am a soul, a point of light, so is God. Except, He is the Supreme Soul. He is supreme, not because He is bigger or brighter than me, it is because He is supreme in His qualities, His virtues. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and of all virtues.

Name Shiv. It means the Benevolent One.
Form Incorporeal, point of light.
Date of Birth Unlike souls, God is beyond the cycle of birth and death. His is an incarnation. He comes at the confluence of the Iron Age and the Golden Age, at a time of extreme sorrow driven by the darkness of ignorance. The exact date and time cannot be known but His birth is celebrated as the night of Shiva or Shivratri. Place of Birth India or Bharath.
Address Paramdham or the soul world It is a world of light that is beyond this physical world, the sun, moon and the stars It is the sweet home of silence.
Occupation World transformation through the purification of souls and the elements.

He is the Supreme Father of all souls. As children of the same Father, therefore, all souls are brothers. Does one receive an inheritance from his brother? No. Only the One Father, the Supreme Soul gives souls their inheritance. I receive a limited inheritance from my biological father – it is physical in nature, temporary, for this one birth. Only the Supreme Father gives me my unlimited and inheritance of knowledge, virtues and powers. This is also an imperishable inheritance as it the only kind that goes with me throughout the cycle, birth after birth.

This is why when there is sorrow in the world, we call out to the One, the Purifier, to come and liberate us from sorrow, to make us pure from impure and take us back home. The Father says: I do come. If God was omnipresent i.e. inside everyone, then there would be no reason to call out to Him. If He was within me and you, we’d both be alike. This would be a Fatherhood, not a brotherhood! If He was within everyone, why would anyone commit crimes? and then, why would someone else punish them for those crimes -is God punishing God? Therefore, to call God Omnipresent is not just wrong but also demeaning Him.

God comes at this auspicious time in the world cycle to liberate His children from sorrow and take them home with Him. He does so by imparting the knowledge of the soul, the Supreme Soul and the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He is therefore also my Supreme Teacher. He reminds me of who I am, of Himself and tells me my own story which mirrors the story of the world – the world drama.

He teaches me that the world cycle is 5000 years and moves through 4 distinct Ages (time periods) golden age, silver age, copper age and iron age. Each is of 1250 years long. We are currently at the great confluence of the impure iron age and the pure golden age. It is a time when God Himself comes to dispel the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge. He comes to re-establish the golden age.

During the golden age, souls are 16 celestial degrees pure, complete with all virtues and powers, completely viceless, righteous and non-violent. They were deities! Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan were the original, eternal deities of Bharat, they were the masters of the golden age. Before marriage, Shri Lakshmi
and Shri Narayan were Shri Radhe and Shri Krishna. There was everlasting purity, peace and prosperity in their kingdom. It was heaven.

During the silver age, still radiant with divine virtues, the number of souls increase significantly. There are minor changes in nature and in the degree of happiness in souls reflecting a dip in their degree of purity from 16 to 14 celestial degrees. This is not quite heaven…more like semi-heaven.

During the copper age, devotion or bhakti begins. Souls forget who they are and think of themselves as bodies. They fall prey to the five vices also known as ‘Ravan’. People think Ravan was a human-being but God explains that Ravan represents the vices – his 10 heads represent the five vices of the male and five vices of the female. Having thus forgotten their true spiritual identity, souls become uneasy and unhappy and the search for God begins. Religious founders come to the world at this time to establish religion.

When the iron age starts, religions have already been established and widespread. Souls, however, continue to deplete and move further away from God. There is a decline in moral, ethical and spiritual values. Sorrow is everywhere. Many souls take up penance to escape the cycle of birth and death. But eternal liberation is not possible, says the Father. This is a cycle, He reminds me, it keeps on turning! And so every soul has to return to play their pre-destined parts just as they did in the previous cycle. I come to play my part too, He says, just as I had in the previous cycle.

So, now that the golden age is coming, where will Lakshmi and Narayan come from? God explains: now, at the confluence, when Shri Narayan in his last birth is an ordinary man, I descend into his body and name him Prajapita Brahma. Shri Lakshmi in her last birth is the mouth born daughter of Prajapita Brahma and is named Jagadamba Saraswati. Now, by teaching Rajayoga through the medium of Prajapita Brahma, God re-establishes the golden aged deity world sovereignty or heaven. This is why Brahma is referred to as the ‘Lucky Chariot‘!

Through this study, Prajapita Brahma and Jagadamba Saraswati will once again attain the status of worship worthy world sovereigns Shri Narayan and Shri Lakshmi, in their next life. In other words, it is at this confluence age that we souls, the children of the Supreme Father, once again claim our inheritance of self-sovereignty and world-sovereignty from Him.

It is this study, which God Himself teaches at this time, that is the true Gita. He explains: Krishna is incorrectly called the God of the Gita. But Krishna was the first prince of the golden age! How could he have spoken the Gita and what would be the need for it in the golden age? Besides, no human being can be God because God does not come into the cycle of birth and death like human beings. He therefore never becomes impure. Only the One is the Ocean of Knowledge and of all virtues.

It is time to return home now, says the Father. As my Supreme Guide (Satguru), He shows me the way back. He says: Manmanabhav! Now, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone and all your sins will be absolved.

*Additional reference (with more details + 2021 calendar): New beginnings

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