The power of silence

Baba says, ‘you must now accumulate the power of silence‘. Then, you can give everyone the experience of peace and power in a second.

You are My Shakti Army, says Baba. This spiritual Shakti Army is a unique army – it is an army but it is a non-violent army and it’s special weapon is the power of silence. The task of this army is to end peacelessness and bring peace and spiritual power into the world.

This power of silence is what will make the whole world peaceful from peaceless. It will transform not only human souls but also quieten the elements. Do I truly appreciate the importance or the power of silence? Baba says, the more powerful you become with this power, the more you will continue to experience the importance and greatness of the power of silence.

Today, we still mostly use words and physical facilities for service- lectures, meditation commentaries, meetings – when not possible in person, we do this online! But, says Baba, the power of silence is much greater than the power of words and the physical facilities. While commentaries are a great tool when I am new, at some point the scaffolding needs to come down! I cannot remain dependent on words for long. Same with lectures – they are useful to a certain extent but I have learn to experience.

The means of the power of silence is also elevated, says Baba. While the means of the service through words are things like pictures, and videos etc., the means of the power of silence are pure thoughts, good wishes and the language of the eyes. The more subtle and refined something is, the more powerful it is.

While I might be able to give the Father’s introduction through words, without the power of silence and the language of the eyes, I will not be able to give an experience of the Father. While I might be able to help people experience remembrance via commentaries, through the power of silence, my face will automatically give the experience of the different stages of remembrance. They will feel that they are, for example, experiencing the seed stage or that they are experiencing the angelic stage or they will automatically experience various virtues through my face.

Through words, I might enable souls to understand feelings of love and co-operation but when I myself have good wishes and am stable in the stage of love, then whatever my feelings are, I will enable those same feelings to arise in them. My good wishes will ignite their feelings. Just as a lamp ignites a lamp, in the same way, your powerful good wishes will easily make the most elevated feelings arise in others, says Baba.

The world is extremely peaceless at the present time. It is no surprise that peace is what souls seek or ask for the most. If I only rely on words, on physical facilities, then I cannot scale to reach the whole world – I cannot possibly speak to every soul, meet everyone face to face. But I can reach every soul in every corner of the world through the power of my pure thoughts. To accumulate this power of pure thoughts, I need the power of silence. The basis of the power of silence is solitude and introversion.

When a scientist is focused on making a particular breakthrough or inventing something new or even when an athlete is focused on competing at the next Olympics, they make that their sole focus, they become introverted, their focus is their world. They don’t know nor care about what else is going on in the world- the politics or the gossip or what anyone else is doing. Their lifestyle is very careful, suitable for what they are trying to achieve- they never veer off track. Same here. If I am motivated to be Baba’s helper in His task of world transformation, if I consider myself a world transformer, then I have to remain introverted. I cannot allow myself to be distracted by the goings-on of the world – no matter what it is. I have to be strict with myself and not allow anything wasteful through the windows of the soul- the eyes and ears.

My focus has to be to accumulate spiritual power through remembrance – whether it is the experience of the bodiless stage or the angelic stage or the lighthouse-mighthouse stage, through churning the spiritual knowledge. To be able to stabilize the mind and intellect in a powerful stage is to be in solitude.

Some think that it is hard to find time to remain in solitude. Baba says, just as you consider the disciplines to be essential because you value the intention behind it, this too is necessary for self progress and success in service. When you realize the importance of this, you will automatically find time. To realize, I need to try it, experiment for myself. Besides, says Baba, you don’t have to find a half hour or an hour of continuous time to experience solitude. Even while in the midst of activities of service, find a couple minutes to experience being in solitude.

This is what Brahma Baba did. While listening to the service news from the children, he used to go in solitude. He would understand the news of an hour in 5 mins and give the children the experience of solitude and introversion. The sign of perfection is that he experienced solitude while walking and moving around, while listening and doing things. Ours, Baba reminds us, is a spiritual or yogi life. We are not those who perform yoga! Remembrance, introversion, solitude – is an attitude, a lifestyle, not a task.

With the power of words, the arrow only hits as far as the head, says Baba, whereas the arrow of experience reaches the heart. People are tired of listening to words. Only when you have the power of silence will you be able to take them beyond with a glance, He says. Only when you have accumulated a stock of pure thoughts, will you be able to end their waste thoughts and enable them to experience peace. Only with your pure feelings will you be able to enable their feelings of love for the Father, that is currently buried deep within their psyche, to emerge.

You are a world transformer, a world benefactor, Baba reminds me. You are a bestower of peace. Now, quieten the storms. Put everyone’s mind at rest, use the power of silence.

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