The personality of purity

Baba says, ‘you have to be a true Brahmin‘. You have to be one whose face and character give the experience of the personality and royalty of purity.

Purity is a personality. The purer someone is, not only is their personality visible, but it is also experienced by others. Even though all souls are sparkling lights, Baba says, the sparkle of you souls who have a spiritual personality is lovely and unique compared to those of others. This is because the One who creates your personality is the Highest on High, the Supreme Soul, Himself.

Purity does not just mean celibacy. Complete purity means that none of the vices are touched even in thought, explains Baba. To have a personality of purity means to have purity even in my thoughts and dreams. Only when there is this level of purity will there be peace and happiness. Purity is selflessness. When I am selfish, there is always fear of loss and as a result selfish feelings of worry, anxiety, hopelessness, etc arise in me. When there are these feelings, there cannot be peace nor happiness. This is why purity is also called the birthplace of peace and happiness.

Remembrance makes you pure, Baba says. Remember who you are. Spin the cycle of self-realization and look at all your forms throughout the cycle, He says. There may have been religious founders and other great personalities but none are as great as you, He says. Every one of your forms – the eternal and original form, the worship-worthy form, the current Brahmin form to the angelic form are all so elevated. Do I see my forms clearly? or do I only know them but don’t really believe that’s me?

When I realize and step into my truth, I become. This, is tapasya.

To stay in remembrance only at a scheduled time is not called tapasya. Tapasya means that even any trace of impurity in thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections is destroyed, that the name and trace of it is finished. When impurity has finished, this completion is called the complete stage, Baba explains.

Tapasya means that the self experiences the personality and royalty of purity and also gives that experience to others. The personality should constantly be experienced in every word, every action and through the vision and attitude. That makes sense because without the foundation of purity, I cannot be a server.

If I am stuck in my own drama- in the various types of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, in expectations, demands, preferences etc. then I am not free to serve. This is why tapasya first requires tyag or renunciation of the old world. Only if I have died alive from the old world, having realized the fruitlessness of it will I be able to dedicate myself to self-realization, and to God’s work.

When I am able to do that, then I change from living an ordinary existence to an elevated existence. I become useful to God Himself, to the world. The personality of purity means greatness and specialty in every action. Even in the world, great personalities are known to remain constantly busy in serving the self and others. Here too, a personality of purity means that I don’t waste my energy, time and thoughts in the trivial and mundane, but I use them in a worthwhile way.

That means I learn the art of not seeing while seeing and not hearing while hearing. If I find myself thinking: I didn’t mean to see/hear that but I did, then, that is not tapasya or being a personality of purity. That is known as touching waste with my intellect. The eyes of the greatest personalities are never attracted by anything because such personalities are completely full of all attainments. Because their treasure-store of all attainments is constantly overflowing, their minds never experience a lack of anything but are always happy and content. Then, my mind and heart are constantly calm, they remain in their stage of happiness and never become restless. Only such contented souls can make others content.

And so, if my intellect is being pulled, let me check where to? Usually it tends to be to relationships. Baba says, have all your relationships with Me and I will fulfill all of them. Sometimes, we think that it is okay to think of God as my Father or Teacher or Guru but to make Him my child or friend is making Him ‘small’. No!, says Baba. I am bound to you, have all your relationships with Me alone. If you don’t, then you will seek them with human-beings and at this time in the cycle, because everyone is seeking themselves, no one can fulfill a relationship. There is always a feeling of incompleteness. Besides, Baba says, only at this time in the cycle can you relate to Me this way, isn’t this what you have always wanted?

A personality of purity can never remain hidden, says Baba. It always shone like Father Brahma. Everyone was automatically attracted by the personality of Father Brahma’s face and character. His mood was always cheerful. No matter what problems came, he never focused on the problem but became an embodiment of the solution. With an intellect filled with faith for the self, the Father and the drama, He remained carefree. Follow the father in the same way, says Baba.

Let the whole list of all your attainments emerge in your intellects and your personality of happiness will be visible on your faces and in your behavior. This personality will attract everyone. When you personalities are constantly stable in this purity, you become able to serve everyone naturally. The sparkle of your spiritual personality or your glance of happiness would make any distressed or peaceless souls happy. They will be able to go beyond with just your glance.

The call of the present time is to serve others by taking them beyond with a glance, says Baba. There is no time for words. Your personality should be such that your brothers and sisters will become happy and satisfied with just one glance from you, because all their hearts’ desires will be fulfilled, because they will receive the experience of the Father.

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