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Baba says, ‘you are now becoming jewels of contentment‘. Contentment comes from attainment. Those who are content, Baba says, would be cheerful because they would be an embodiment of all attainments. Then, I experience a sense of fullness, there is nothing lacking … Continue reading

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‘Drama’ is the exit, not the entrance

Baba says, ‘you do have to make effort‘. It is wrong to say that the drama will inspire you to do whatever you have to do. Those who think this way will not be able to make progress. The unlimited drama is the interaction … Continue reading

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Faith makes me carefree

Baba says, ‘faith makes you carefree‘. Where there is faith, there is no fear or worry. At the beginning of the cycle, in the new world, we are the epitome of self-respect. We have relationships but we are not entangled … Continue reading

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Baba comes in the confluence age and He surrenders Himself to the task of purification of His children and thus of World transformation. What does that mean? It means that He gives the task His all – no questions, no … Continue reading

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