Contentment comes from soul-consciousness

Baba says, ‘become a jewel of contentment by remaining stable in the soul-conscious stage‘. Then, you will always play a special part.

The very first lesson on day 1 of this study is the answer to ‘who am I?’. I learn that I am a soul. The rest of the journey is to realize what type of a soul I am and become the embodiment of that awareness.

You are no ordinary soul, Baba reminds me daily, you are a special soul. Do I live my life with this awareness? If I do, then my every thought, word and action are special, extraordinary, elevated. They give the introduction of the Father. Every one of the Father’s praise is your self-respect, He says.

And this is what I experience when I stay in the consciousness of who I really am…when I am soul conscious. Then, I am a master remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness, I am the master purifier, I am master almighty authority, I am the one with all the powers…. When I am situated in the awareness of any of these titles, I cannot help but pay attention to every thought, word and action. I cannot help but carry myself in a way that befits such an elevated part – with humility, with accountability, with responsibility, with faith,…with an attitude of service.

On the other hand, when I slip out of this consciousness and consider myself a body, the difference could not be more stark. I become ordinary– a tall stick with a head on top! Life becomes all about doing rather than being. Today, I eat this, drink that, watch this, wear that, meet them…tomorrow, I have to get this done, and that…it’s a constant hustle, chase, tackling of check-lists. My experiences are limited to the sensual. Indeed, my world itself is limited to as far as the physical eyes can see.

In other words, it is a small life, a limited life, an inconsequential life. It is also a life based on fear because when I think of myself as a body, I identify with so much of what is the expansion that comes with this consciousness – I identify as a gender, nationality, a role, a job title, a status, an award….my life is spent juggling these different identities, these different ‘I’s and inevitably when a few fall to the ground, I fall with them. I think of myself as a role until I lose that job, then what am I? I think of myself as a mom until my kids no longer idolize me and instead consider someone else their role model. Now, who am I? Every time I think I know who I am, it changes.

No wonder then that when a soul lives such a life, a life in the wrong consciousness, it feels discontent, constantly running into speed bumps along its journey. It’s hard to feel or act special when I am empty inside. This is the consciousness that created bhakti, that made me beg; it bankrupted the soul, made it an orphan. This is the consciousness that allowed Ravan to take me hostage while pretending to befriend me.

God came and liberated me, as only He, the only One in constant realization, can. He reminded me of who I am and gave me His introduction. Remember Me, He said. As I did, in Him I started to see myself a little by little. His purity manifests itself as unconditional and selfless love, as a nature of uplifting souls, as unending compassion, as constant good wishes and pure feelings…empowered the soul, helped me renew and recharge.

He is constantly giving because He is constantly full, content. That’s what purity, the selflessness brings. Purity comes from being soul conscious. He never forgets Who He is and His role in the drama and think: I don’t even get to go to the heaven I work hard to create. These souls don’t even remember Me for half a cycle. What’s in it for Me?

No wonder He is remembered and worshipped. His acts are such during this time, during this most auspicious confluence age, the only time during the cycle when He comes to this physical plane play His part in the Drama. His mere remembrance transforms souls and leads to the transformation of the whole world including matter.

He is the Sweetest of all, the most Beloved, the most Special because of His nature, the kind of Soul He is which is reflected in what He does and how He does. You are just like Me, He says, you are My child. You just have to remember.

When I do and embody that awareness, I become situated in my reality. Then, I have all that I need – my true spiritual identity and a belonging to myself and to my eternal Father. This connection, this union was all the soul ever wanted. Having found it now, I have found my world. I am content. Then, like the Father, I too give to others. I too play my special part.

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