I receive the inheritance only from the Father

Baba says, ‘the first thing to understand is that you are all brothers‘. The creation cannot receive the inheritance from a creation.

For half a cycle, the soul has experienced discontentment and sorrow and the state of the world has only gotten worse. Everywhere I look there is discontentment, there is lack, sadness, loneliness, disease, unthinkable crimes and suffering. I want to change the world, this suffering needs to end! I want to experience and bring about happiness for all in the world.

Even as these thoughts go through my mind, there is a visionary leader who stands tall, who speaks those same words out loud, he even writes a book about it. He gathers more people around him, mobilizes task forces and sets on a mission to fix the country, and help the world. I feel inspired, I think: there is my mission!

The first point you have to understand, Baba says, is that we are all brothers and only He is the Father of all. He is the Creator and everyone else is the creation. And the creation cannot receive the inheritance from a creation.

It doesn’t matter who it is, how good their words might be or how well-intentioned they might be, no human-being at this time can establish peace and happiness in the world. Peace and happiness require purity and at this time in the cycle, every human-being is impure, the five vices are in everyone. Only God is Ever Pure and therefore only He can establish peace and happiness.

‘I am the Almighty, it is through Me that you receive the Almighty kingdom‘, He says. Only the Father can give an inheritance to the children.

I, the soul, became peaceless and unhappy when I became impure. God comes to make me pure again. ‘Remember Me alone‘, He says. When I remember the only One who is Ever Pure, I become completely pure again. You were completely pure, Baba explains. Having taken many births, your degree of purity has greatly reduced and with it your inner power as well. This happens according to the drama, He explains, everything new must become old. At this time at the end of the cycle, there is very little purity and power left. The Supreme Father comes to re-charge your battery, He says. Other than through the remembrance of the Supreme Father, your battery cannot be charged.

The kingdom that God establishes is called the land of truth. There, there is nothing but peace and happiness. Its very name is heaven. Only the souls who recognize God and become pure through His remembrance become eligible to come into heaven.

In the world today, people think that peace = no war. And so they go about it by investing in powerful military forces to protect ‘borders’ or sign ‘peace deals’. This is not the peace Baba establishes. In heaven, there isn’t even the concept of war, the word itself does not exist. But even beyond that, peace is the natural nature of the soul. Souls in heaven experience no inner turmoil, upheavals, fears, anxiety, insecurities or any of the other body conscious feelings that cause peacelessness and sorrow. There, everyone is naturally soul conscious, complete. There is no experience of lack, no discontentment of any kind. And because the soul is pure, so is the body – free from illnesses.

There is no difference of opinion about how to conduct oneself. Everyone follows the Shrimat (code of conduct) that we receive from God at this time. By following these elevated directions now, I transform from a degraded human-being into an elevated human-being. I change from irreligious to righteous. This is different from being a better human-being or a decent human-being. There are a number of good human-beings in the world already, even some who remain physically pure all their life. But there is a difference between good/better/best and pure. There is also a difference between the limited purity that sanyasis follow and the unlimited purity that God teaches which goes beyond just celibacy. I make my every thought, word, and action pure and elevated.

Heaven is heaven. It is pure bliss!

People in the world think: how can such a kingdom be established just by remembering God? Baba categorically says: yes, My children receive the kingdom of heaven as their inheritance when they become pure by remembering the Father. I am the Seed of the human world tree, He explains, I have the knowledge of the whole tree within Me. It doesn’t matter whether someone believes it or not.

God only teaches His children, not the whole world. Why? because only the children understand. He therefore also establishes heaven only for His children. Why? because only the children follow His directions and become pure.

When I become His child, I know what He tells me to be true, I feel it in my bones. There is that memory buried deep within the psyche of having received this inheritance from the Father before. By stepping inward, I touch base with my own destiny and see myself in the whole cycle. Through His remembrance, my divine qualities emerge once again and I transform. Yes, I remember! I was a sovereign before and I am becoming that once again.

There are many philanthropists and visionaries, even sanyasis in the world but, without the companionship of God, their capacity to bring about change is limited. They are held back by a lack of purity, and a limited understanding. It is nonetheless an important role they play in the drama that I sincerely appreciate and am grateful for, but it is their role, not mine.

Let me remember that my aim is different, my understanding is different. To me this is a side-scene, not my destination. My duty is to only remember the Father and follow only what He teaches me. It is easy to get swept up in the moment, get carried away by the emotion and desire to help. This is a trick Maya plays where she disguises herself in a royal way to try to distract me from my aim and take me off course. Let me use my power to discern such that I am not deceived.

I don’t help God improve the world through force and/or diplomacy. I help God transform the whole world completely from a jungle of thorns into a garden of flowers, from hell into heaven, based on purity. I do so not through joining a human-being’s task force but by transforming my consciousness…not just to be a better human-being, but to become a deity.

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