The wonder of the third eye

Baba says, ‘the Father has now given each of you children a third eye of knowledge with which you have come out of the dark and into the light’. Only souls are given this eye of knowledge.

Right at birth, every Brahmin child receives the gift of the third eye of knowledge, also known as the the spiritual eye or the divine eye. No one except the Father can give the third eye of knowledge. To have the third eye means to be able to see through the lens of knowledge, through the lens of spirituality.

Only souls are given this eye of knowledge’, says Baba. To be able to see through the lens of spirituality requires that I first consider myself a spirit, a soul. I then also see others as souls, as brothers.

The third eye is very unique and powerful, says Baba. I works both as a divine pair of binoculars as well as a divine microscope! I can see the sweet silence home which is so far away as close and clear. The physical binoculars can see just as far as the stars of this corporeal world but with this divine binoculars, I can see three different worlds and the three aspects of time!

Just as through a physical microscope, I can see the germs and bacteria clearly, here too, with my divine microscope, I can see the germs of Maya. I can clearly see the subtle and even the extremely subtle forms of Maya – those feelings of selfishness, of jealousy that are so subtle that I will miss them without a powerful microscope. When I can see, I am able to easily finish them such that they don’t flourish. Before any illness of Maya can take hold, it is finished.

This divine eye is also called the eye of experience. It is the eye that sees that which happened 5000 years ago as clearly as if it were just yesterday. I was a deity soul yesterday, I will be that again tomorrow. I clearly see my future form in front of me as if it were a dress hanging in my closet. So things of yesterday, today and tomorrow become easy.

This eye is also a divine television! Whether you call it television or farsightedness, Baba says, you are able to see a film of all your births in heaven, the beautiful scenes of your kingdom. You can see the fortune of your crown, throne and kingdom.

But‘, says Baba, ‘you can see all this only when the eye is powerful‘. He gives everyone an eye that is 100% powerful but my experience depends on how much attention I pay, how well I use this eye.

Baba says, your divine eye has the eye lids of faith and the pupil of consciousness. They both have to be powerful. Even if one if weak, the vision isn’t clear. The way to keep my vision powerful is to constantly follow Shrimat. When I do, I automatically free myself from body consciousness, from the many types of false ‘I’s and ‘mine’s. When I am stuck there, I am looking through the physical eyes at the expansion, the differences, the defects and weaknesses, the petty and mundane. My third eye is going unused. It becomes weak and the vision becomes blurry. The weaker it gets, the less I will use it, the more defects I will see. It’s a vicious cycle.

BapDada has not given you a weak eye, He says, you yourself make it weak.

I called out to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Beloved for half the cycle. He has come now, let me use my divine eye to only look at Him. When someone is lost in love, in the remembrance of the other, their eyes remain stable and still. In the same way, only those who are lost in remembrance of One will be able to stabilize themselves in the stage of perfection. Otherwise, like the eyes, it (the third eye) will continue to open and shut. It will not be able to remain still. If there is some dust of the old world, Baba says, check and quickly remove it. 

Then, I will experience unlimited happiness. Others will see a sparkle on the forehead and an intoxication in my eyes.

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