Becoming a living lighthouse

Baba says, ‘you are living lighthouses‘. The whole study should remain in your intellects.

A lighthouse stays in one place and yet is able to show the path to lost ships far away from shore. It can do this because of the powerful light that it radiates in all directions, constantly, reliably.

You have to be a living lighthouse, says Baba.

The light is knowledge that Baba gives me – about myself, about Him, about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. When I become the embodiment of this knowledge, then, the knowledge becomes power and I radiate it into the atmosphere just like a lighthouse.

Unless I embody the knowledge, I will continue to go into all kinds of expansion that comes with body consciousness. When a situation comes, if I am not an embodiment of the knowledge of the drama, I will get lost in the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’. My energy and time gets wasted in the expansion. When I interact with others, if I have not embodied the knowledge of being the detached observer, I will allow their behavior to influence my stage. I will get lost in criticizing, judging, comparing etc. Before I perform any action, if I have stabilized myself in the knowledge of being a trikaldarshi (the knower of the three aspects of time), the action will not be successful. Then I waste time and effort trying to undo the damage caused.

There is power in refinement, in something that is concentrated, not in something that is spread thin. ‘Be essenceful‘, says Baba. There is a difference between saccharine and sugar; you have to use a lot of sugar but in order to achieve greater sweetness, only a little saccharine will do. ‘You have to practice merging all the expansion into its essence and stabilize yourself in that essence‘, He says. Only when I have this practice, will I be able to give other souls the experience of the essence of knowledge in one second. Only then will I be the image of strength, of support.

Also, the more I can remain stable in the essence, the more powerful the transformation that can take place. For instance, if a fire is very intense and powerful, the form of anything put into it will automatically be transformed. If the fire is not powerful, then it will not be able to transform the form of whatever you put into the fire.  In the same way, if I constantly remain stable in my powerful stage, then when I interact with souls who are in body consciousness, it will change to soul consciousness. The wasteful aspects will be transformed into something powerful. Sinful thoughts will take on the form of pure thoughts.

To stabilize myself in the essence easily, to become this powerful embodiment of knowledge, I need to practice the bodiless stage, the seed stage, says Baba. This helps me stay in the awareness that I am a soul, separate from the body, from the roles I play, from my responsibilities etc. It is a concentrated stage, therefore the most powerful, He explains. This stage works like a lighthouse. Through this stage, He says, you become instruments to spread light over the whole world.

Then, He says, you automatically become the beloved, lovely children of the Father. When there is no wastage of expansion, all that’s left is I and the Father, the soul and the long lost and now found Beloved. The Father surrenders the kingdom of heaven to such children.

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