The golden vessel

Baba says, ‘This study is very elevated. It requires a golden vessel’. You become like a golden vessel by remembering the Father. 

At birth, every Brahmin received two gifts from the Father – the divine eye and the divine intellect. In the world, human give gifts to humans on their birthday but here, God Himself gives the most unbelievable gift to His children.

Before coming to Baba, I was wandering in the world of bhakti. I thought of myself as a sinner, as the dust at the feet of the deities. I chanted, sang, begged, prostrated myself- essentially did everything I could to demean myself thinking this was humility, thinking this would impress God. I was, as Baba says, stone intellected. I also was one with a gross-intellect, caught up in the outside world, in the sensual.

Even sages, renunciates and saints have performed penance and undertaken dangerous pilgrimages just for a glimpse of God. But they returned empty handed for it is impossible to know God or reach Him without the gift of the divine intellect.

It is only through the divine intellect that I become subtle and thereby am able to connect with the subtle. In other words, I am able to become soul conscious and connect with God Who is extremely subtle. I don’t pine for a glimpse, I am able to feel His presence, experience Him, relate to Him. My divine intellect therefore becomes my canopy of protection. The divine intellect is also a ‘far-sighted’ intellect, it allows me to see and experience the lands that are far away. It becomes the airplane that flies me to the subtle world or to the sweet silence home in a second. It enables me to experience heaven in as second. The divine intellect can in an instant bring in front of me my full story of the cycle – the beginning, middle and end. While ordinarily people cannot remember something from even a few years ago, I can see and remember my story of 5000 years.

This, was my birthday gift! The most wonderful gift. My intellect transformed when the Father touched it with His knowledge – of who I am, of Himself, and of the cycle. When I forget this knowledge, my intellect goes back to being stone. In other words, I go back to being body conscious. It is the divine intellect which enables me to become the embodiment of the divine knowledge, to imbibe it and therefore claim my inheritance. Without it, I will only have questions, doubts and debates.

Your intellect has to be the golden vessel‘, He says. Only a golden vessel can hold this knowledge. When people receive an expensive or rare gift, they keep it locked, they keep it clean, take good care of it. Do I care for my intellect to such an extent?

My divine intellect was given to me by my Father to connect with myself, connect with Him. Am I using it to connect with the outside world? To keep the intellect subtle, I need to become introverted. If I am buried in the news of the world, in the gossip, social media etc., I am taking it back to being gross again.

The intellect is what discerns between right and wrong and makes a decision. In the past, because the intellect was not divine, because I was body conscious, all decisions were made based on the five vices. Therefore, all decisions were wrong. Now, the divine intellect can, on the basis of the divine knowledge or Shrimat, make accurate decisions. But when I am still caught up in the ‘I’ and ‘mine’, I lack courage to follow the decision and so I veto it, I follow the dictates of my own mind. The more I disregard the intellect, the weaker it becomes. It is as if I am killing it, says Baba, this is also an act of violence against the self.

The divine intellect needs divinity to sustain itself. This only comes from remembrance of the Father and through churning His knowledge. If I am keeping the intellect busy in looking at others- at their defects, or comparing or feeling jealous or critical or judgmental or any of the endless feelings of selfishness, then that’s what I’m imbibing. And if that’s what I’m imbibing, that’s what the quality of my intellect becomes. That’s what my quality becomes.

Take good care of your gift, says Baba. Let me keep it clean by remembering the Father. This fire of remembrance burns away any impurities, any alloy that may have got mixed into the golden vessel. The more I remember, the purer and therefore the stronger the intellect becomes. Then, it is able to hold the knowledge I pour into it. I will be able to understand it really, deeply, catch the subtleties and imbibe it.

When I protect my divinity, Baba says, I can never be deceived, I will not have the experience of sorrow.  I will always remain safe from adversity.  Therefore, He says, know the importance of this Godly gift and always keep this gift with yourself. 

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