The one with all the rights

Baba says, ‘the easy way to make the Father your Companion is to have the stage of having all rights‘. Then, you are constantly victorious.

When Baba finds me, He reminds me of who I am and makes me belong to Him. I, the soul am finally reunited with the Father, the Supreme Soul. The only thought I have is: ‘My Baba!’ I recognize that yes, this is the same Father who found me in the last cycle. This is the eternal Father. With just those two words, ‘My Baba’, I become the child, the one with the right to the full inheritance. All that is Mine, is yours, He says.

When I am the child, the one who has all rights, I am constantly like the Father – a benefactor, merciful, greatly knowledgeable, a donor of virtues, one who grants a vision of the Father through my every thought, word and deed. I become an image of the Father. For such souls who have all rights, the praise is that nothing is lacking in their life. The eyes and intellects of those who are full in everything are not drawn to anything or anyone.

I constantly stay in spiritual intoxication. I move beyond having any wasteful thoughts; my intellect and eyes are not drawn in other direction and they remain free from all types of worry. I constantly play with the treasures I have received from the Father. I don’t even have the time to have any other thoughts, because I remain constantly very busy in imbibing and distributing to others the treasures I have received from the Father.

In other words, when I become the one with all the rights, when I claim the rights, in that instant, I attain liberation-in-life.

Only when I attain liberation-in-life can I experience the Father as my Companion. If I am caught up in the limited, in the many ‘I’s and ‘mine’s, then I cannot experience the Father. Where there is dependency on the limited, there is inevitably fear and anxiety of losing that crutch. When there is fear, I am in bondage and therefore always experience myself as subservient, in need. I then look up to God, call out to Him for help with something or the other – ‘Baba, remove this obstacle’, ‘Baba, get this done’, ‘Baba, give me this experience’ etc. This is not being equal, this is not making God my Companion.

Baba says, just as the two words of ‘My Baba’ liberate you from all the sorrowful, limited things and make you the one with rights to all attainments, the other two words ‘I and mine’ trap you.

The key of course is to realize that the limited I and mine are all false. When I spin the discus of self-realization, I see the true I and mine. I touch base with my original self and all my eternal attainments. I am happy and content. Spin this discuss throughout the day, says Baba. Any time I become trapped in any type of spinning related to my body, mind, wealth, people and relations, that is a sign that I have let go of the discus of self-realization. Then, I automatically go from being content and happy to someone with doubts, questions and complaints.

Even in bhakti, the discus of self-realization is always shown over one finger. One finger means just the one thought: I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me. The discus of self-realization spins on the finger of this one thought. When I let go of the One and become caught up in the many thoughts of the many false ‘I’s and ‘mine’s, I become trapped in many types of spinning.  

Keep Baba tied to you with your right and the subtle thread of your love, He says. When this thread becomes even a little loose, your love becomes slack and you put aside your rights from your awareness. Don’t do this anymore! The Almighty Authority is offering you His company.

The Father says: You are my constant companions, my friends. No one in the world has so many friends! BapDada cannot do anything without you companions. The Father says: No one can know Me without you children.

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