Make your life easy

Baba says, ‘become an easy yogi by taking every step according to directions‘. Then, Maya surrenders herself to you.

Case in point: Ravan’s visit to Sita in the Ramayan.

There is the story of how Sita was deceived in the Ramayan by Ravan who came dressed as a beggar. She was deceived because she didn’t recognize the form of Maya. If she had recognized that this was not a brahmin priest or a beggar, but Ravan instead, then she wouldn’t have had to experience the rest of the story i.e. the sorrow. She did recognize him but after it was too late, and she had to suffer. From being in constant company of the One, she became distant. From being a soul who was an embodiment of attainment, she became a soul who was calling out. The reason? Lack of recognition!, explains Baba.

It’s the same with Baba’s children. Because of lacking the power to recognize Maya, instead of being able to chase Maya away, I become afraid. The reason for the lack of or delayed recognition of Maya is that I don’t constantly follow the Father’s Shrimat or elevated directions. Sometimes, I remember them and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, I have zeal and enthusiasm and sometimes I don’t. The key operative term is ‘constant’. When I disobey the order of remaining ‘constant’, that is, when I step out of the line of the code of conduct of the orders I receive, I am deceived by Maya at that time.

I disobey because I become weak at that time. I become weak when I am still lacking in something, when I am not yet ‘full’ inside. I can never feel full as long as I am body consciousness. I will spot a golden deer that’s just too tempting to not go after or I will feel obligated to prioritize certain people more than myself or Baba because I believe they are key to get me something I desire. So, I ‘accommodate’. I will spend time comparing myself to others and then either become arrogant or reject myself. Maya attacks me when I become weak. That is the door. To become slightly weak even in your thoughts means to give way to Maya, cautions Baba.

Contented souls are always conquerors of Maya, says Baba. Maya comes to everyone, but some are afraid of her and others recognize her and are therefore able to remain careful. This is easy yoga, an easy life, says Baba. You don’t even have to think, all you have to do is follow. Stay within the line of the code of conduct and you will recognize Maya from a distance, He says. Therefore, stay constantly with the Father. Stay content. Then, Maya will surrender herself.

To stay with Baba ‘constantly’ or to be ‘content’ in Baba’s world requires surrender. Before surrender, there has to be renunciation. I have to renounce the old world, the body consciousness completely – all the many types of false ‘I’s and ‘mine’s i.e. the ‘golden deers’, the ‘important people’, the need to compare etc. and make Baba my whole world. I cannot seat Baba in my heart and then look to share it with limited things of the old world. It is Him or the old world…they are mutually exclusive. Once I renounce, then I can surrender. That’s what Brahma Baba did. He surrendered everything – his every thought i.e. his mind, his body, his wealth, and his relationships. He didn’t think about what would happen or how it would happen.  In a second, according to the Father’s elevated directions – when the Father gave a signal, it was the Father’s signal and Brahma’s action or step. He didn’t leave anything, but he transformed everything – from worldly to spiritual. He surrendered the intellect that had the consciousness of ‘I’.  This is how he became constantly pure, cool and a bestower of happiness with his body, mind and intellect. No matter what situations came up he remained unshakable. He didn’t become afraid and take action according to his own dictates, He trusted Shiv Baba. 

With one strength and one support he had faith in the intellect, because of this surrender, his intellect was always light.  Despite the many test papers that came his way, despite the myriad responsibilities he shouldered, he never slacked in his connection with Baba. He never made himself alone. Because of this, he remained safe from waste thoughts and doubts, he always had powerful thoughts: ‘The Father is always the Protector and the Benefactor’.  This, Shiv Baba says, is the specialty of surrender. Follow the father, He says. 

When you surrender yourself to the Father, that is, take every step according to His direction, Maya will surrender herself to you. You will be liberated from all difficulties for birth after birth. You become an easy yogi now and in the future you will have an easy life. So, make your life very easy.


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