Wow, my fortune! and Wow, the Bestower of Fortune!

Baba says, ‘the Father has now given each of you children a third eye of knowledge‘. It is as though you now belong to a different world.

The new world, it is heaven. A place where there is no such thing as sorrow, even the word does not exist. There are no desires because there is nothing lacking. There is no need for labor- physical or mental. No jobs, just hobbies. No hustling, just singing and dancing. There is no concept of fear, no ‘what if…’s. There is no second guessing, no self-doubt. There is no need to read between the lines – what did she really mean? Why is he so nice to me today…what does he really want? etc. There is no manipulation, selfish interests, comparisons or competition. There is no division – that part is yours, this is mine. The whole world remains whole and it wholly belongs to us! There is natural sharing…it isn’t hard.

That’s a long way of saying it is a land where everyone is completely pure, completely viceless, 100% righteous and completely non-violent. It is a land of purity, of truth, of love. There is love….pure, selfless, unadulterated love. That’s how human-beings are meant to be! that can be hard to believe and imagine these days…but that’s the truth as told by God Himself.

So I get to live in heaven for 1250 years, then heaven becomes semi-heaven but is still pretty darn good! Loses a bit of the shine but is still overwhelmingly pure, selfless, and loving. I spend my next 1250 years in semi-heaven. In other words, half the cycle is spent in style. It’s all goodness.

Then, there are more souls that come, devotion starts, first of Baba, then other religions come. I look around and feel unrest that there is division in the world, so many beliefs and lifestyles. Is there one code of conduct that is right!?, I wonder…there is confusion. But you know what, it’s still not hopeless. There are decent people, there are still plenty who like truth, there are still some common norms – for example, even in wars, you don’t raise your weapon against someone who is weaponless, a messenger from the opposite side is treated with dignity and respect, women are taken care of etc. And there is always a religious leader or a sanyasi or rishi that teaches good things, that through their strength of purity holds the world somewhat together. That’s another 1250 years of bearable damage.

Baba says, you experience 3/4 happiness, only 1/4 sorrow.

The crazy times start in the iron age. The key to heaven being heaven is that everyone is heavenly! For one, there are only a few when the world is heaven…it’s almost as if heaven is a small town compared to the world now of billions of souls. There is no religiousness, only a trace of decency. Violence is common, as is corruption. Disease- physical and mental- is rampant, a reflection of the fall from purity, from our values. The whole world is gripped in one kind of fear or the other fighting over me and mine. Sharing is a fairy tale and love is a far off concept restricted to songs.

But here’s the thing. When the world gets to this state, the Father comes!! He comes to find His children and take them back home. He surveys the playground, gathers His children and says: this playground is no longer fit for you to play on. It looks more like a junkyard! Look at yourselves…you are princes and princesses, you can’t be playing with mud and stones. C’mon, I’m taking you back home. You can come back to play again in the morning…by then, the crowd will be gone, the playground will be cleaned and it will be nice and beautiful again.

The point is- we are soooo fortunate! We are here for the best, good and better parts and then when it gets bad, Baba comes and gets us out. Yes, the cycle is turning and no one can really leave but it’s like for a short while, I have been taken out to rest, to heal and recharge. So I never really experience the bad as much. I am physically still here in the midst of the craziness, I can see it but my intellect is detached. I, the soul, live with Baba at our home. I celebrate a constant meeting with BapDada in the subtle region, I spend time there. It sounds a bit like acrobatics but that’s what I do- move between the corporeal and the incorporeal and the subtle constantly. So while the people of the world are still busy hustling, we are spending time with the FortuneMaker! He cleans me up, feeds me the nutritious food of knowledge, gives me an injection to heal all the wounds. Wow, my fortune! Wow, the Bestower of Fortune!

The Father has now given each of you children a third eye of knowledge. It is as though you now belong to a different world‘, He says. I am now aware of who I am, of Whom I belong to and of the cycle. I am now in the know, so to speak, I know the secret of how this whole thing works. Previously, on the playground, I was in the maze, now I am out and I see the maze from the outside, from above. It’s a different, very objective and holistic perspective. So when there is upheaval, when people behave a certain way etc., I don’t come into upheaval or get surprised. I understand what is going on…

The night is almost over, it is going to be dawn soon. The playground will be lush, green, blooming, beautiful and brand spanking new! Then, we’ll play again.

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