Be complete with all the treasures

Baba says, ‘be complete with all the treasures‘. Give blessings and receive blessings.

The mark of a soul who is full with all the treasures is that they constantly stay in the intoxication of being complete. There is a sparkle of fullness on their face and in their every action. Their eye is not attracted to anything or anyone, they are full.

In the world, souls have the attainment of perishable treasures and so they experience perishable intoxication. This is why they say that they came empty handed and have to return empty handed. But God’s children return full because we have received many treasures from BapDada.

The first is the treasure of knowledge – it is the compass that shows me right from wrong, true from false. It is the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. It therefore liberates me from many bondages, many false crutches I had been clinging on to. If I were to compare my pre-Baba life to now, I see the stark contrast. I have been liberated from wasteful, sinful thoughts and actions, from senseless and meaningless beliefs that had been shaping me. This is liberation in life.

The second is the treasure of remembrance – through this I receive the treasure of all powers. There are the eight powers that we talk about but they are just a sample. I become the master of all powers.

Third is the subject of inculcation (dharna) – through which I receive the treasure of all divine virtues. Think about the virtues – love, peace, contentment, happiness…the specialty of each is so great!

Fourth is service- through which I receive the unlimited treasures of happiness. When I serve, when I give, I receive automatically.

Fifth, I become part of the Godly family- through which I receive the treasure of blessings. When I have blessings, I don’t have to labor. The blessings enable me to fly above any/all obstacles.

Save the best for last- the treasure of the present time, the auspicious confluence age – it is only at this time is there a meeting of God and His children. It is only at this time that I receive all treasures as an inheritance from the Father and the Teacher.

I receive all these unlimited, imperishable treasures from God. He doesn’t hold any of them back and yet, I don’t experience them constantly in my life. The reason, Baba says, is that I understand the treasures intellectually but I don’t imbibe them or merge them within myself. I don’t become an embodiment. Then when a situation comes, I think: ‘this is drama, it is beneficial’ but I still cry in my mind, I still doubt. I haven’t actually deeply understood and imbibed the point of Drama. I haven’t sat with it, soaked in it.

Merge the treasures that you receive daily in the Murli within yourself, He says. Simply understanding the knowledge doesn’t mean I claim it. I might be able to give a great lecture about the eight powers and yet be unable to use them in my life. Then, it neither helps me nor the ones who listen to the lecture. Even they experience limited satisfaction- they might praise the lecture but they don’t receive an experience, they don’t feel inspired to claim the treasures for themselves.

Don’t just listen to the points, experience each point, says Baba. When I embody that point, it becomes mine to use wherever I need. Then, when the situation comes, I won’t have to think about it, I automatically bring the point into action at the right time. Once I use it, my experience grows, I grow faith and confidence as a result. Then, I want to use it again. This is called investing your treasures, teaches Baba. You receive it and you grow it.

But, pay attention, He says that you do so with every treasure, every point. If I am full in some treasures but lacking in others, I will still fluctuate. With attention, I observe to see where there are gaps and imbibe those treasures fully. You cannot become a self-sovereign and therefore a world-sovereign without being full in all virtues and powers, He says. They should all be with you and obey your orders. So continue to imbibe the treasures and put them into use for yourself and for others and you will receive the blessings. These blessings are the easiest method to propel you forward, He teaches. For example, if someone is having a bad day and says something impolite, rather than take offense, let me offer the co-operation of the power of tolerance. If someone needs help with a task, rather than think: what’s in it for me?, let me lend a hand. If someone makes a mistake, rather than judge and tell others about it, let me merge the flaw within my heart, let me forgive. They might not say anything but I will automatically receive blessings from their heart.

You have received the treasures as an inheritance and a blessing from the Father Himself, He says. I have given them to you to use them, to make them your own. They are yours already, you don’t have to labor to get them. You have them, you simply have to use them. To simply store them without using is not being sensible, He says. You are those that are sensible.

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