Pass with honors

Baba says, ‘you pass with honors and claim the kingdom of heaven‘. You become deities from human.

When God comes, the first things He does is impart knowledge to His children. He gives me the knowledge of who I am, of Himself and of the beginning, middle and the end of the cycle. This knowledge is imperishable, that is, once I receive it, it stays with me. It is so elevated that it makes me eligible to come into heaven.

The difference lies in status.

Many think that status refers to the job title or the position I receive in the golden age or silver age – will I become king or a subject or a maid etc. That is a very body conscious, old worldly interpretation of Baba’s words. Let me remember that this is not a corporeal human being who is teaching me. Here, the Supreme Father, incorporeal God, the Father, sits and teaches through the corporeal medium. He does not teach to get me a job, He teaches to liberate me from the prison of Ravan.

Ravan or the five vices held me hostage for half a cycle and as a result, I, the soul became corrupted, vicious, hopeless and powerless. I lost my dignity and self-respect. He comes to once again purify me – to make me virtuous, complete and all-powerful.

And so status refers to my inner stage – am I the soul, a king? or am I a subject? This study, Baba reminds me, is for self-sovereignty. Claiming it depends on how well I study.

The first aspect to pay attention to is focus. The Father says, ‘Manmanabhav!, Madhyajibhav!Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. When I remember the Father, I automatically remember the study and the aim. If my mind and intellect are still scattered between religious scriptures and philosophy, between gurus and priests, then, I will not be able to focus on the study. The Father says: Renounce all of them, you have found Me. I have found God, am I still seeking?

The knowledge opens up my intellect, it becomes the compass that shows me true vs false, it is the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance that had enveloped me for half the cycle. But understanding alone does not burn away tough sanskars, that needs the fire of remembrance. This is the main thing, says Baba. I step inward and touch base with my own truth, my destiny, then I move upward and connect with the Father. I realize my own elevatedness, I recognize who I am as I grow my relationship with the Father. He is my reference.

As my realize myself more and more, I let go of the falsehoods more and more. The false identities – the many ‘I’s and attachments – the many ‘mine’s are sacrificed in the fire. That is what this is, says Baba. This is called: The sacrificial fire of imperishable knowledge of self-sovereignty in which the horse i.e. the body consciousness is sacrificed.

And because the body consciousness has been with me for so long, I have to pay attention to not slack off in the study. It isn’t that I remember in the morning, then attend class and then get on with ‘real life’. This study is not a chore I finish, it is an attitude, it is a lifestyle. I can never forget who I am, Whom I belong to or my aim. I don’t forget my bodily name, family or responsibility…and all of that is temporary, will finish. This spiritual study is the only thing that goes with me through the whole cycle, for birth after birth, let me prioritize what I pay attention to.

Throughout the day, Baba says, stay in remembrance, remain pure and spin the discus of self-realization. When I do that, I stay safe from the storms of Maya and maintain my happiness, my zeal and enthusiasm. This is the best birth of all, says Baba. It is now that you meet the Father and claim your inheritance for the cycle. I teach you Raja Yoga to make you self-sovereigns again. As I imbibe the knowledge, I transform. I build and strengthen my character, I accumulate power. In other words, I ascend from a degraded state to my original elevated state. After this birth, I don’t receive this knowledge anymore. I only reap the reward or draw on what I have built/deposited/accumulated. So the quality of my future births depends on how much I have accumulated now.

When I am a self-sovereign, I am the master. First of my organs -physical and subtle. My mind and intellect do as I teach them, not the other way around. I am the master of my thoughts, words, actions. I no longer say things like: I didn’t mean to say or do that, it happened! I therefore care about what I spend time taking in- seeing, hearing and thinking because I know that influences what comes out. I decide I don’t want useless things in my life anymore. I learn to work with others- using my powers and virtues. I learn to harmonize and reconcile. I offer co-operation and approach with compassion. I don’t wait for the world around me to change, I have realized that I change the world. That my attitude and vision creates the atmosphere and the world around me. I don’t shake when storms come, I face them. When I a sovereign, I take charge.

When I am such a self-sovereign, my very being automatically serves. When I am such a server, I become an example, I inspire, I raise the quality of the whole world and thus, I automatically receive the respect of the world. World sovereignty is not a position I claim through force, war or other means of proving supremacy, it is a natural consequence of who I become. If I get careless now during the time of study and don’t learn how to face and handle situations, how to work with others, how to love and care…I myself will not feel like a sovereign and consequently, neither will the world. I might have many talents and skills but if I don’t have strength of character, if I don’t have inner power, my impact and influence will be limited. To the extent that I claim self-sovereignty, I claim world sovereignty.

God does not assign me a title. He is the Father, He gives all His children the same inheritance. He is the Teacher, He teaches all His students the same study at the same time. He doesn’t discriminate. On the contrary, He congratulates all the children – the very fact that I have recognized God and received the knowledge makes me eligible for heaven. What I become now and the quality of my future depends on my individual effort – do I just pass or pass with honors!

The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and you are the master oceans, He says. The mothers are the rivers and the brothers are the lakes of knowledge. He has created hope in those in whom the world has no hope. Not only does He teach them, but the very aim of studying is to attain the highest-on-high status.

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