Tying the thread of life to the Father

Baba says, ‘you have each tied the thread of your life to the one Father’. Your connection is with the One. Fulfil your responsibility to One.

In a hindu wedding, the loose end of the bride’s sari is tied to the groom’s sash. The wife then understands that she has to be his companion for life. You have also tied the thread of your life to the Father- whether I call Him the Father, the Teacher or the Guru, the thread of my life is tied to the Supreme Soul. He becomes responsible for me for the whole cycle.

From my side, I remember that my connection is now with the One, I have to fulfill my responsibility to One. What does that entail?

  1. I follow only His Shrimat. I had drifted away and had been following Ravan’s dictates for a long time, that got me sorrow and suffering. Now, the Father comes and establishes the one religion and the one kingdom. A kingdom implies one set of rules set by the king. In God’s kingdom, He doesn’t become king but He sets the rules for me to follow. ‘This knowledge should sit firmly in your intellect’, He says. It becomes the compass that shows me the way. It protects me from going astray, from slipping and hurting myself again. When I follow Shrimat, I stay under His canopy of protection, I remain happy.
  2. I remember that God sustains me, He is responsible for me. When a situation comes or when I need advice, I go to Him first. I don’t call a friend, a relative, a colleague, or someone else I think is influential. I go to the One. He may well tap one of those people as the instrument to help me but my duty is to go to Him alone. That shows my undivided love and faith, He ensures I receive the right help.
  3. When I tie my thread of life to God, He becomes my world. If I am still caught up in chasing after limited attainments, ambitions of name, fame and glory in the old world, then I haven’t really made Him my world. It is mutually exclusive. I do still live in the midst of the world, but my intellect is connected to only the One. I live in the corporeal, but I am disinterested, I am not pulled or attracted by it. Without disinterest I cannot renounce, then, I have to constantly choose between what Baba is telling me and what I want to do and life feels hard, like a constant sacrifice.
  4. When I tie my thread of life to the One and make Him my world, it means I have all relationships with the One…not just the main three of Father, Teacher and Guru. If even one relationship is lacking, I will seek it in the corporeal world and I will be deceived.
  5. When I tie my thread to God, I am not impressed by human beings, no matter who it is. Someone might have certain skills or virtues or talents. I am inspired to imbibe those virtues within myself, but I am not impressed by the soul. I remember the One who made him that way. My relationship is with the Source, the Supreme who is also making me elevated. I focus on my journey and on creating my own income.
  6. I have already found God, there is no more seeking. If I am still interested in philosophy, in scriptures, in what such and such guru or priest or religion teaches, then that shows a lack of faith.
  7. When I tie my thread of life with the One, I seat Him in my heart. Then, I cannot share it with anyone or anything else. If I am busy seeing and hearing others- what they are doing, how they are doing, comparing, judging, etc. then those are the thoughts I generate, they transform into feelings that sit in my heart. Then, I forget Baba, in other words, I unseat Him and offer the throne to corporeal feelings.
  8. When I tie my thread to the One, I have full faith in Him. When a situation comes, if I question it and say: why did this happen to me?, how could this have happened to me? I gave my life to Baba and still this happened! etc., that shows that I don’t have faith. When I do have faith, I know that Drama is beneficial. Whatever has happened is for the good even though I might not quite see it yet. I am patient, I stay with the Companion, I trust Him completely.

Tying my thread of love with the One means I remember only Him. And I do so with a lot of love. ‘Remember Me and you will come to Me‘, He says. In the fire of remembrance, I burn away the old sanskars, the sins of past births and become pure. The purer I become, the more I become like Him. I become equal to Him. A relationship is among equals, He says. When two people are unequal i.e. one is dependent or subservient to the other, then it isn’t a functional relationship.

The Father comes and enables me to claim my lost inheritance of self-sovereignty. I reclaim my dignity, my self-respect, my happiness. I understand that you have become tired, I will remove all your tiredness, He says. I remove all your sorrow and give you unlimited happiness. Why wouldn’t I heed His word? Why wouldn’t I make Him my world? Is there anything else I could want?

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