The magic mantra of Manmanabhav

Baba says, ‘always remember the magic mantra of Manmanabhav’. Simply by being ‘Manmanabhav’, souls and body, both become pure.

An act is called magical or magic if it is able to transform, if it is able to make something thought to be impossible, possible. In the world, magicians perform such tricks where they make something disappear and something else appear etc. They usually perform the trick by waving a wand and chanting a mantra and then voila!

Here too, Baba gives me the magic mantra: ‘Manmanabhav’. It means ‘belong to Me in your mind’. And you don’t even have to chant this mantra aloud, He says. Simply remember the mantra and you will see magic: liberation-in-life in a second!

That is quite a mantra! it liberates the soul that has been held captive in Ravan’s jail for half a cycle in just as second. This is such an easy method, says Baba but the key is to remember. And it isn’t just remembrance, says Baba, it has to be constant. If not, it will be one of those tricks that go wrong- it looks like something disappeared only to appear again, then disappear again much to the embarrassment of the magician and confusion of the audience.

Remember who you are and Whom you belong to, He says. At the confluence age, Baba comes to remind me of who I am – you are a pure, peaceful, loveful soul. You are My child, He tells me. You are not the body. When I remember the mantra, I immediately remember this reality of myself. It liberates me instantly from the expansion of the body- the role, the relationships, the titles and labels I identify with. I feel light. Yes, I still have to shoulder the responsibilities but I am no longer burdened by them, I shoulder them while remaining detached. When I no longer see myself as the role, I am able to have an objective perspective and an inclusive attitude.

Even remembering this blessed time is manmanabhav, He says. This is the time when God Himself comes and becomes my Teacher and Satguru. I study from Him directly and transform from an ordinary human with devilish sanskars into a deity with Godly sanskars. ‘Manmanbhav’ is the very first blessing I receive from the Satguru as soon as I am born. Just as gurus in the world give devotees a ring or a necklace to wear to chase away bad omens, Baba tells me to always wear the mantra of Manmanbhav to keep Maya away.

This is the mantra because the easiest way to remain safe from Maya is to have a surrendered intellect to Baba. The very first place Maya attacks is the intellect, she tries to shake my faith. If I have a surrendered intellect then I will not use it without Shrimat i.e. I will surrender all waste and vicious thoughts. If the intellect is completely surrendered, then I will instantly be able to direct my body, mind, wealth, relationships and time towards the One. This is the sign of a complete moth. Then I will think about nothing except BapDada’s virtues, task and relationships. I remain safe under His canopy.

Before surrender, there is another step I have to perform. That step is renunciationthis old world is a graveyard, Baba reminds me, you are now changing this graveyard into the land of angels. Therefore, let there be complete disinterest in this old world, this graveyard. Only when I realize this old world to be a graveyard, when I see it for what it is- a hollow world bankrupted by body consciousness of its values and happiness, I feel an unlimited disinterest and hear the call to change it back to what it originally was- heaven where there only was happiness, because everyone was aware! everyone was soul conscious. This is manmanabhav.

I come and tell you who you are. I tell you one thing but you think another, Baba says. Each one of the Father’s praise is your praise, He tells me. Each praise is so elevated- ‘master remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness, master ocean of knowledge, master ocean of love, image of support…’ and instantly lifts my stage, takes my awareness to a higher consciousness. But because of self-doubt, a lack of faith, I wonder if Baba is really talking about me. The moment I show fluctuation, Maya attacks. I am telling you who you are, now be that, says Baba. This is belonging to One in my mind, this is listening to just the One, this is manmanabhav.

This is an easy path, says Baba. I give everyone all rights, a full inheritance, all the blessings at birth and yet, there is not constant happiness, there is still labor. In other words, the magic trick goes wrong. The reason, Baba says is that I forget the mantra.

When I remember the mantra, I automatically remember the directions for putting the mantra or the awareness into practice throughout the day: for being an embodiment of awareness at amrit vela, for Godly education, for being a karma yogi while performing action, for when I am a trustee and interacting with others.

At amrtivela, for example, I have been instructed to remain stable in the powerful stage of a lighthouse and might house, like the Father. It is the golden time to experience great attainment through very little effort. At that time, I should have the awareness of being a master seed and a bestower of blessings. However, instead of being an embodiment of power and experiencing the stage of being equal to the Father, instead of being a bestower of blessings and a world benefactor, if I complain about myself and others, I sit there being disheartened about my stage or something else, then I am not an embodiment of awareness or manmanabhav according to the time and therefore, I am not able to become an embodiment of power. 

Similarly when I am listening to the Murli, I am manmanabhav by remaining in the consciousness of a Godly student. I listen, understand and experience each point of the Murli. If at this time, I decide to remember the Father in the home, that is not being manmanabhav according to the time. Throughout the day, if I am allowing my intellect to be loose and think about what he/she said, see this, judge that etc, then I am not being a karmayogi. Baba says, even while your hands are working, your intellect should be connected to Me. When I am at work, do I hold on to ‘I’ and ‘mine’- my idea, my work, I am the leader etc. or do I approach it with an attitude of being a trustee?

By having remembrance of the Father you will become pure. Simply remember the Father while walking and moving around. I don’t give you any other difficulty at all, says Baba. You simply have to remember Me. Let me remain in the awareness of who I am and Whom I belong to for as Baba says, ‘it is now your stage of ascent at every second, it is your time to attain liberation-in-life’.

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