I will only listen to You

Baba says, ‘On the path of devotion you sing: Baba, when You come I will listen to no one but You‘. All others only cause sorrow. Only You give happiness.

He gives me happiness by reminding me of who I am. You’ve forgotten your own greatness, He is telling me daily. The Father knows who you are!, He says. He teaches me that I am a soul, not the body. He teaches me of my own unlimitedness and inspires me to let go of the limited. You are a sovereign, He tells me, why are you clinging on to shells?

Baba has come to free me from the cage that I locked myself into. I called out to the Liberator: Come and liberate me from sorrow, free me from this prison. The more I can let go of the bondages that tie me down, the more I can experience my spiritual freedom. Only when I am free can I express who I am.

He frees me by reminding me daily of who I am – I have to believe it, have faith in what He is telling me about me. If I don’t believe it, I will not move into that awareness. If I don’t have awareness and faith, He cannot help me. It is as if I block Him.

The Father comes and reminds you of what you used to say. ‘Baba, when You come I will listen to no one but You‘.

He is here now. He is teaching me directly, let me relate to Him directly. Let me believe Him, He is God, He is Truth, He is telling me the truth. God’s ways are always successful. I just have to believe in it. With power of faith, I can free myself from the cage. If I look at each bar of the cage, I get disheartened, I lose courage – ‘I have this sanskar too!’, ‘it’s my fault again’, ‘this again!’. I cannot let go by examining each bar, by counting my defects, by analyzing them, by going into the depth of impurity. Baba says, ‘be sensible’. I am telling you who you are, believe it, step into it. I change not by going into depth of impurity, but rather by trust and faith. When I listen only to Him as opposed to the negative voices in my head, I keep my promise to Him. When I give myself, He blesses me with liberation.

Fear, doubt, mistrust prevents me from letting go. Doubt is the worst. I cannot give my mind fully to a task until I have a trusting heart, a faithful intellect. When I stop thinking of how and why- ‘how will I change?’, ‘when will this sanskar leave me?’, ‘will it leave?’, ‘was I really a deity, as sovereign?’, only when the mind lets go of all these unnecessary thoughts about effort, can it actually focus on what it needs to do. The only effort I have to make is keep my trust and faith very deep in Baba. He is the Purifier, He knows what He is doing, I just need to stay open and co-operate. He knows I will make mistakes, sometimes there will be success, other times there won’t. That’s part of the journey and He knows it. He doesn’t get disheartened, He doesn’t get caught up in it, neither should I. That is how I co-operate.

This is called being detached. I step back and observe the sanskars, the mechanisms, I check and change. I don’t judge. If I am not detached i.e. if I start to judge, reject, criticize, I lose my determination to claim my sovereignty. I have to have deep good feelings for myself. A loving, faithful intellect will always get out of it, it will always make progress.

This is Shiv Baba’s sacrificial fire. This is known as the sacrificial fire for self-sovereignty, in order to attain self-sovereignty. Souls receive their inheritance of the kingdom of heaven from the Father. What do you have to do in this sacrificial fire? You have to sacrifice everything into it, including your body. Through this sacrificial fire, you will attain a kingdom.

Maya, the great politician, tries to keep me in the cage by dangling false promises in front of me. ‘You have the role, this position, this achievement, this will guarantee respect from others’, she promises. To let go, I have to become introspective. ‘I am a soul, not the body’, this is what God is telling me. When I step inward and connect with my own destiny, my own truth, I see what He sees. Truth liberates. I immediately let go of false identities – bodily relationships, roles, culture, achievements etc.

I have to believe that I have a right to freedom, and lay claim to experiencing that which is my birthright. I have to believe that the cage I am in is not where I ought to be. I am meant to fly in the skies. Maya tries to block me, she never gives up on her efforts, I shouldn’t give up on mine either.

I have to let go of the spinning in falsehoods, leaning on crutches because I want to claim my right to happiness. I listen to God to feel peaceful again. I follow Shrimat because I want to learn how to live with others. There is the call from BapDada to be like them. Every one of the Father’s praise is your title, He says. I am the master remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness, I am the master ocean of love, I am the roots of the human world tree and am seated next to the Seed. I am the image of support and upliftment. But I cannot remain stable in the consciousness unless I let go of my own attachments to the world, my own limited desires. When I am still stuck, my spiritual power is diminished. Then, when that person who pushes my buttons comes before me, I will not find the power to tolerate, to merge, to love. I will react and reject.

Something else I need to let go is the notion of ‘I know’, ‘I am right’. This is a huge trap of Maya. Something happens in the drama, I like it or I don’t. I think it’s a good scene or a bad scene. I judge. I tend to plan for something to come out of this scene, or from this person. Let me not work under the assumption that I always know what is going on or what is right. My duty is to simply stay open, observe, learn and keep moving. Let me not dwell in praise or defamation, is achievement or failure, neither is true.

This ability to let go, to remain detached, stay in the awareness of who I really am…comes ONLY from practice. It is not that some people are just born yogis and others are unlucky. Baba often gives the example of Arjuna – of all the brothers, he was the one who practiced the most. Every day he would practice aiming the arrow at the target. He wasn’t born expert, he became one.

Accumulate the power of yoga, says Baba. Throughout the day, stay connected with the One, even when your hands are working, let your intellect be connected with the One. When I accumulate the power of yoga, I clear away the clutter, the voices. I remember that which He is telling me. I deepen my relationship with Him and deepen my faith in Him. The more I practice staying in the consciousness of who I am, the more I realize myself and deepen my faith in myself.

I have had many fathers and mothers throughout the cycle, many friends, many companions, but none like the One I have now, at this time, at this confluence age. He teaches me how to relate, to be complete within myself, makes me content. He makes me the person I respect again. He helps me reclaim my dignity. If my attitude is, ‘I have 10mins now, let me remember Baba’, I am disrespecting the Friend, the Father. Is this the value I am placing on this relationship? If so, it will be hard to accumulate power or reach my aim.

Sometimes, I feel that I am remembering but Baba is not present, He has disappeared. Baba never disappears, especially at the confluence age. He appears! If I don’t feel His presence, it is because I am not present fully, I am distracted by something. When I can let go, I will find Him there.

The Father says: I am the one Beloved. You have been calling out to Me, the Beloved. You are lovers for half the cycle. Now, I am here. Remember Me alone.

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