The Lord of the Poor

Baba says, ‘The Father is the Lord of the Poor‘. Only Baba, the Lord of the Poor, makes Bharat into heaven.

When Baba comes, the whole world but especially Bharat is poor, in fact bankrupt. I only speak to and about souls, He tells us. The souls are poor and bankrupted by Maya and Ravan. Having forgotten who we are, we think of ourselves as bodies and lose our identity in the vast web of expansion of body consciousness. The more I get caught up, the more I am deceived and the further I move away from my truth. It gets to where I feel like a deer in search for water, only to find myself chasing mirage after mirage until I can no longer run. With no more air in my lungs and no closer to finding water, I call out to God to save me. He does.

The Father is called the Lord of the Poor. He comes and gives me the donation of life – He gives me the knowledge of who I am and Whom I belong to. He tells me of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He introduces me to my own truth. This knowledge is like the air, the breath I need. When I experience myself as a soul and remember the Father, it instantly cuts away all the falsehoods, it releases me from the expansion of body consciousness and I return to my essence. In other words, I experience liberation-in-life.

You children know that it takes you 5000 years to become impure from pure. Baba now instantly makes you pure from impure. He makes you into the most elevated ones. You receive liberation-in-life in a second

It is said that knowledge is the source of income. When I imbibe each point of the spiritual knowledge Baba gives me, when I become an embodiment, I become richer. Each point of this knowledge is worth multi-millions, He says. How so? because it directly impacts the soul. It shapes my very being because it is what gives me awareness. My awareness in turn shapes my thoughts, words, actions; it informs my attitude and my vision which influences the atmosphere around me. The knowledge is the compass that helps me discern right from wrong and place my step accordingly.

But simply understanding the knowledge does not burn away sins, or tough sanskars of many births. For that I need the fire of God’s remembrance. I step inward and touch base with my own destiny and then move upward to connect with the Father. His love heals past wounds and transforms sanskars. Remembrance gives me the courage, and strength to imbibe each point of knowledge and make it part of my nature, my character. When I become the person I am meant to be, that God keeps in His vision and is telling me about, I respect myself again. I feel worthy again. I feel at ease again because my thoughts and actions are no longer misaligned with my truth.

The Father for whom the rishis, munis and tapaswis said “neti, neti” (We do not know, we do not know) is recognized and attained by you innocent souls of the Brahmin world, says Baba. The Father comes in an ordinary body and so it is the ordinary children who recognize Him.

The mothers and kumaris are especially lucky, Baba points out, because they are the poorest of all. Having been relegated to the background, having been told and conditioned time and again, birth after birth that they are weak, the women of society had become the poorest of all. The Father, the Lord of the Poor, lifts up the women. ‘I place the urn of knowledge on the heads of the mothers and kumaris’, He says. He lifts us up by reminding us of who they are- Shiv Shaktis. You are not weak, He tells us. At the confluence age BapDada’s slogan is: Shaktis first. Father Brahma himself also surrendered to the mothers. It is the mothers who become the Father’s instruments to bring about world transformation. It is they who will give knowledge even to the sanyasis and make Bharat heaven again. Do you have this awareness and move with recognition of so much fortune?, Baba asks.

One is to know and the other is to accept and live on that basis. 

Do you have so much intoxication? Do you have so much happiness?, Baba asks. If you stay in this stage, you will keep flying in happiness. This is the life of angels- they remain light and fly with the Father.

Always remain happy, Baba says. When I churn the treasures I have received from the Father, I generate more income, and stay constantly cheerful. You will not receive such a huge treasure in any other birth throughout the entire cycle, He reminds me, so, you should fly with so much happiness! Angels don’t come down; they keep flying up above. You are the ones who always stay in the love of One, let there be no love other than love for the Father. One Father and none other!, this is the soundless chant that should emerge in your mind, He says. Your intellect should not go anywhere else even by mistake, He cautions.

When I break away all other connections with the old world and forge a connection with One, I become pure, I become free, I become liberated; this is the Father’s direction. Only listen to the One, He is telling you who you are. A Shakti means someone who is a conqueror of sinful actions. You cannot be defeated by Maya, you have to become victorious.

To the extent that all of you continue to use your body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way, accordingly, you all become stars of success, says Baba. And then, Bharat becomes heaven once again.

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