When a child has courage, the Father helps

Baba says, ‘when a child has courage, the Father helps’. When you children have courage, you always receive multimillionfold help from the Father.

For half a cycle, I had been wandering looking for aim and purpose. Baba came and gave me both- your aim is to change from human to deity, He says, and your purpose is to be an instrument of world transformation through your own self-transformation.

When Baba finds me, my self-respect is zero. So to accept myself as a deity soul seems far out. But it is said: it did not take God time to change humans into deities. Only He is the Purifier, only He is the Liberator Whose mere remembrance purifies and liberates.

The key is for the soul to have courage. When a child has courage, the Father helps, says Baba. That is the fixed method in the drama.

To have courage is to first accept the aim of the study and work sincerely toward it. If I don’t even accept the aim, then I will never make any effort to reach it. Where there is courage, there is faith and where there is faith, victory is guaranteed. Baba is Truth, only He knows the truth about anything including about me. He is telling me who I really am. Do I have the courage to accept it? And see myself as it? He has given me many titles- every one of the Father’s praises is your self-respect, He tells me. Do I have the courage to step into each title of self-respect and experience it, imbibe it?

It will be hard, no doubt. Maya will leave no stone unturned to pull me down. The moment I falter at following a Shrimat, she will try to shame me into thinking I am no good, that I am a failure. She will try to sow fear, anxiety. She will raise doubts about the whole study- is heaven really true? are we really deities? etc. Sometimes, she tries to disguise herself in a Godly form to deceive me into thinking this is a direction from Baba. But here’s the thing. Baba is always with me, He is my Partner, my Companion. He is the Ocean of Help. If I have shown courage in moving forward toward the aim by following the disciplines, by following shrimat that comes in the daily Murli, He will provide multi-millionfold help.

When I fall, He will be right there to pick me up and stand me on my feet again. But I need to remain strong too, not give up thinking this is too hard etc. I have to remain faithful. I am learning, I am gaining experience. That’s what the confluence age is- an unlimited classroom, a time for study. I have to be willing to be a student- that is courage.

Sometimes as I move along, I am hounded by past mistakes. They come fast and furious and I feel an enormous burden, as if I am being choked by feelings of shame, guilt, regret. Let me not succumb to these feelings, let me not be bogged down. Instead, let me use Baba. He has offered to take my burdens. It doesn’t inconvenience Him at all to do so, in fact, it inconveniences everyone when I don’t give my burdens and insist on carrying them myself. I am not meant to take this journey alone, I cannot. Trying to do so is body consciousness. It brings my stage down, time and energy are lost. Instead let me trust Baba.

The accounts of the past are like a crucifix but, with the Father’s help, they become like a thorn. Adverse situations will definitely come, because everything has to be settled here. However, the Father’s help makes everything into a thorn. It makes big things small, because the big Father is with you. Have constant faith and you will continue to move forward. Be a trustee at every step. A trustee means everything is “Yours” and all consciousness of “mine” finishes’, says Baba.

When I tell Him of my past mistakes, intentional or unintentional, I feel lighter. He then also helps me heal. The realization and the determined thought to transform is my step of courage. He then offers help. If I don’t even realize I have a problem, then if I am offered a remedy, I won’t pay attention because I think it’s not for me. When I realize, I change.

Sometimes, I can get arrogant or careless along the way too. I think: ‘I have been on this path for so long, I am the Father’s anyway. I have done so much service, opened centers etc. If Baba doesn’t help me, whom else will He help’ and sit back. That doesn’t work, opening centers has nothing to do with it. I have to continue to pay attention, continue to check myself and change with the Father’s help. Without my taking steps, I will not automatically reach the destination. Father Brahma, despite who he was, continued to pay attention till the very end, he was a student till his last breath. He was absorbed in the Ocean of Help, using Him fully and accurately to transform himself, to become like the Father. His effort led Him to victory.

When a child maintains courage, God helps, says Baba, and you have this courage within you. As soon as you came, the first courage was that you demonstrated making the impossible possible, for you imbibed the specialty of purity. You had the courage to have this determined thought: ‘We have to become pure’ and the Father gave you multimillionfold help. You are an originally and eternally pure soul, you have become pure many times and you will continue to become pure.

This is not anything new! You are simply repeating the elevated stage you have had many times. Even now, the devotees of you pure souls continue to ask for the power of purity in front of your non-living images. Additionally, they have also shown the symbol of purity on each of you worthy-of-worship souls as a halo of light. Through giving you this awareness, you were made powerful. In other words, with the Father’s help, from being weak, you became strong. You have become so powerful that you have become instruments to issue this as a challenge to the world: ‘We will definitely make the world pure’.

This is called, “The child having courage and the Father giving help.” You experienced the impossible becoming easy and you continue to experience it to be easy. The Father gave help with the power of knowledge. Then, through remembrance, Baba gave power through enabling the soul to experience the pure stage to inspire transformation.

In the same way, when you maintain courage, you also become conquerors of Maya, no matter how many forms she takes on, says Baba. Let me continue to follow the method, let me not deprive myself of this help.

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