Becoming one with a divine intellect

Baba says, ‘those who follow this shrimat, that is, those who become soul conscious, become those with divine intellects‘.

Every Brahmin soul receives a divine intellect and spiritual vision as a birthright.  This birthright is the foundation of Brahmin life.  The attainment of these two is known as transformation of life or, dying alive in Brahmin life.  The difference between the past life and the present Brahmin life is based on these two aspects.  To the extent I use these two aspects constantly in my every thought, every word and every action, to that extent I make progress in this spiritual life, claim my inheritance of self-sovereignty, happiness. With a divine intellect decisions are always made accurately and automatically in every aspect for the self, for service and for the relations and connections of the Brahmin family. When there is an accurate decision through the divine intellect, then the self, service and the relations and connections become accurate and powerful on the basis of that decision.  

The main thing is of the intellect and the vision.  

The first sign of a divine intellect is that the soul will know the Father, the self and each Brahmin soul as it is and what it is.  The soul will take from the Father what it should take, as it is, as much as it should and in the form that it is.  That soul constantly claims all rights.  The soul recognizes what Baba has made him, the service for which he is made an instrument, the specialties and divine virtues that Baba has given, and the role in which Baba has made him an instrument and makes himself move forward accordingly.

A divine intellect means a ‘holy swan intellect’.  A swan means cleanliness.  It means to discriminate between milk and water or pearls and pebbles and to imbibe the pearls.  It knows that this is a pebble and this is a pearl and it does not imbibe the pebbles.  This is why the holy swan is the vehicle of the confluence-aged goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge.  Such a soul does not have time to waste in trivial matters of Maya. It has unlimited disinterest in this old corporeal world.

The power of the divine intellect makes me a master almighty authority.  This is because it gives me the experience of the recognition of God, a meeting with God and attainments from God. I am able to imbibe Shrimat within a second and experience a constantly powerful, constantly unshakable, master almighty stage. Then I cannot experience anything to be difficult. Shrimat are the directions that make me fly constantly and easily.  The power of the divine intellect makes the impossible possible in the way that I choose and as you choose. With the divine intellect I can experience a pure touching from God in every action and experience success in every action. The divine intellect can defeat any attack of Maya. Wherever there is the touching from the Supreme, the pure touching where there is no mixture, it is impossible for there to be the touching of Maya or any attack.  

The power of the divine intellect is an extremely elevated power, Baba says, simply use it.  

I use it as a lift. It is the lift that I ride in to connect with myself, with Baba at any time in a second. The switch is elevated thoughts. In one second, I can become an embodiment of a world benefactor and give light and might to the whole world. I simply become stable in an elevated stage. When I get off the seat of the holy get caught up in the shells and pebbles of ‘I and mine’, I am unable to press the switch of elevated thoughts and it is as if the lift is caught in the middle, neither going up or down.

Souls who have attained a divine intellect can transform. I am able to make anything that is not divine, divine. It is remembered that an alchemist’s stone would change iron into a gemstone. So, a divine intellect means an intellect like the alchemist’s stone. A divine intellect gathers power because it only imbibes divinity and through this divinity can bring about such transformation. If something undivine happens, if an undivine task is performed, then I am not influenced by that. It is like having something be waterproof or fireproof! So, rather than having my stage fluctuate or fall, I am able to transform the undivine thing into something divine.

It is because the divine intellect is so foundational to my spiritual progress that Maya always attacks the intellect first.

She knows that the main support of Brahmin souls is the yoga of the intellect through which I am able to have a meeting with the Father. And so, Maya attacks my intellect and makes it weak using her special arrow of waste thoughts. Then, because it becomes weak, I am influenced and become unable to use it as I want, Maya takes control of it.

But just as Maya has a special weapon, Baba gives me a special power too to keep my intellect safe from Maya, to keep it powerful. That special power is the power of churning. The power to churn is the nourishment to keep my intellect divine. When I don’t have this proper nourishment is when I am vulnerable to attacks from Maya. From the moment I received my Brahmin birth I also received many titles directly from the Father. Every one of the Father’s praise is your self-respect, says Baba. If I were to become aware of even one of these titles at Amritvela and continued to churn it, my intellect would remain constantly powerful, says Baba. The more I use the divine intellect, the more powerful it becomes.

On the flip side, if I remain careless and allow waste thoughts, stay engaged in the mundane, in the various attachments to limited attainments, i.e. in the various expansions of body consciousness, I weaken it. Everything in the old world is temporary and will be destroyed, says Baba. Anything temporary is false. Only God, His knowledge and the soul are true. When I attach myself to that which is true, when I spend time in the company and in the companionship of the Truth, I receive light and might, true happiness, peace, love…i.e. my true inheritance.

The Father explains this every day! However, to change those who have stone intellects into those with divine intellects is not like going to your aunty’s home!, He says. The Father says: O souls, now become soul conscious! O souls, remember the one Father and the kingdom! Renounce the relations of the body and you will become those with divine intellects. 

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