The greatness of the dot

Baba says, ‘I am not thumb shaped‘. I too am a dot, a point of light, like you souls.

Souls call out to God for salvation. Some think they will get there through reading the scriptures, performing rituals and taking dangerous pilgrimages. Some believe that having a vision means they have attained salvation. Baba says, no one can attain salvation through these means. Only the One Father can grant salvation.

To attain salvation means to be protected from dire situations, to be rescued, to be lifted up into safety. I become free, liberated from all bondages. To attain salvation, you receive a unique direction, He says: ‘Renounce all bodily religions and become soul conscious! Constantly remember Me alone!

To remember someone, you have to know them. At this time, not a single human being knows the Father, says Baba. Only when the Father comes can He give His own introduction. Only God is called Baba. There is the one God for all the devotees. He is a point of light, just as souls are a point of light. He is neither bigger nor smaller, He is also a soul, only He is the Supreme Soul. He has all the virtues, He is the Ocean of the treasures of knowledge… However, this Ocean (Sindhu) is also a dot (bindu).

Simply remember the one Dot, He says. The easiest punctuation mark also is a dot (full stop). Become a dot yourself, remember the Dot and, by knowing every scene of the drama, put a dot, a full stop. The punctuation mark of just a dot includes oneself, the Father and the creation. So, all you have to know is a dot and all you have to do is remember the Dot, He says.

The Father sits here and gives His own introduction: I am the Supreme Soul who resides in the supreme abode. I am called the Seed of the world, the Supreme Soul, the Father of all. 

No matter how large something grows, everything is merged in the dot. The Seed is the Dot, and the whole tree is merged in that. It emerges from the seed, but after it has grown, what does it merge into? the seed, that is, a dot. So, originally and eternally, the tree is just a dot. You receive the knowledge of the three aspects of time and the three worlds, but who is it that receives it? It is the soul, the dot. You have played various parts from the beginning to the end, but who is the actor? Who played the part? you, the dot. Therefore, all greatness lies in the dot.

You souls are dots and you have the sanskars of 84 births merged within you. You are now at the confluence age and bringing the drama of 5000 years to an end and so whatever has passed, put a dot, a full-stop, to that. You have to become a dot and return home with the Dot. His home is also the home of all dots. There, all thoughts, actions and sanskars are merged, that is, they have a dot applied to them.

When you come into connection or relationship with others, what sparkles on everyone’s forehead is also a dot. Who does all the work? It is the dot. Even if you leave the earth and go to the moon, it is the dot that goes there. If you go and tour the three worlds with the power of silence, it is the dot that goes there.

The Father says: The intellect of everyone has become so degraded. When you understand the dot, you understand everything. You attain everything.

When you stabilise in the form of a dot, then, whatever thoughts you create and feelings you have, whatever words you speak and actions you perform, they all become as great as the dot, that is, they all automatically become elevated. At the beginning of the cycle, you come down as a dot and, at the end too, you go back up as a dot. So, the form of the beginning and the end, is just a dot.

Those on the path of devotion remember a huge form. Baba says: The big Shivalingam that you children have made is not My form. People say that God is an eternal and infinite light and that He is very bright. Arjuna saw this and said: Stop it! I can’t tolerate it any more! Oh!, says Baba, but, how could it be possible that when a child sees his father he says that he can’t bear to see his form? A child would be happy to see his father, would he not? The Father says: I don’t have such a form. I am the Supreme Father, that is, I am God, the Supreme Soul, who lives beyond. 

Devotees prove their devotion by creating an image in their intellects on the basis of their feelings. Here, through knowledge, you keep the dot front of you! With the awareness of being a dot, you become an embodiment of success. To put a dot is so much easier than anything else, He says, so, become an easy yogi! Understand the dot and everything will always be easy. To be an easy yogi is also the easy way of giving the return of love.

When you start to expand on anything, you end up in difficulty, because, when you expand on a subject, there are many question marks. When you go into expansion with the awareness of a dot, you will find the essence. When you forget the dot and start to expand, you end up in a jungle, where there is no essence. Then, you constantly waste your time and powers in the wasteful words and actions of “Why?” and “What?”, because you then have to try and find your way out of the jungle. When you stabilize in the form of a dot, you will experience yourself to be an embodiment of the essence. Your awareness, words and deeds will always be powerful.

Do you understand what you have to do?, asks Baba. The word ‘bindu’ or ‘dot’ is a word of great wonders! It is a magical word! Become a dot and issue an order and everything will be ready. Clap in your mind and everything will be ready. A clap of a dot will be heard by the elements, by all your physical senses and by your companions. 

The directions that He gives for salvation are called Shrimat. I come every cycle and tell you: Manmanabhav! Renounce all the religions of the body and become soul conscious! Constantly remember Me alone! In other words, become a dot and remember the Dot. Apply a full stop.

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