Happy birthday Baba!

Baba says, ‘I have come to celebrate My birthday with My children‘.

The Creator of the Trimurti comes to meet His saligram children. Just as the Father, the Point, the form of Light, is worshipped and His memorial is celebrated, so together with the Father, you children, the saligrams are also worshipped. Both are worshipped because the Father has made the children as worthy of worship as Himself.

The Father puts the children ahead of Himself, makes them even more elevated than Himself. He makes you double worthy of worship, wearers of a double crown – the crown of purity now and the bejeweled crown in the future kingdom.

BapDada does not have the happiness of celebrating only His jayanti, it is the birthday of all of you and this is why there is the happiness of celebrating the birthday of you children.

The Father cannot do anything alone, neither can you children do anything by yourselves. You cannot receive success without the Father. The Father has to take the support of Brahma to even celebrate a meeting in the corporeal form. The Father has so much love for the children and the children have so much love for the Father. Neither can do anything without the other.

It is eternally fixed in the Drama for the children to take this divine birth with the Father, and for them to bring about world transformation together and then to go back to the sweet home together. No one can change this.

So today, have all of you come to celebrate Baba’s birthday or your own? Baba would say: Your birthday and the children would say to the Father: it is Your birthday.

This divine incarnation which is called Shiv Jayanti, is the incarnation filled with so much love and happiness for souls. Even in the golden age, you will not celebrate such a birthday. Souls will celebrate the birthday of souls but, at this time, souls celebrate the birthday of the Supreme Soul. This lovely and unique birthday is the wonderful birthday of the entire cycle. It is the birthday of the Father and children at the same time!

As a memorial of this day, devotees especially celebrate in two ways: First, they make a pledge and second, they surrender something as a sacrifice. They do this every year for one day. But you make a pledge right at birth to complete purity, not just celibacy, but complete purity in thoughts, words and deeds that bears fruit for half a cycle. While they surrender something, you surrender yourself, you sacrifice the ‘I’ in Godly service.

This is easy, isn’t it?

On this Shiv Ratri, BapDada makes all children make a determined pledge – make a pledge of not having the word ‘difficult’ even in thoughts. Unless there is determination in your thoughts, there cannot be success. You make very good promises but are unable to keep them because they are not determined, there is weakness. So now, change the thoughts of weakness into strength- change ‘what?’ (kya) to ‘fly’. Change ‘why?’ to ‘bye-bye’ for all time and change ‘how?’ (kaise) to ‘I know’ (aise). When you change these words, you will change too.

To celebrate the birthday, you do six things:

  1. light the lamp – of determined thoughts: from now on, I have to claim success. Not ‘I’ll see, I don’t know’ but rather, ‘I have to become, I have to do it’. Finish weak thoughts!
  2. eat the cake – of imbibing the powers. First cut it and then eat it.
  3. hoist the flag – constantly in your heart of revealing the Father through your thoughts, words and deeds.
  4. dance – the dance of remaining constantly happy; not sometimes happy, sometimes unhappy. No matter what happens, no matter how much someone tries to steal your happiness, constantly dance the dance of remaining happy and cheerful.
  5. distribute sweets – those who remain happy will continually distribute sweets of happiness. With physical sweets, you only sweeten your mouth, but with this sweet, your body, mind and heart all become happy.
  6. sing – the song of ‘Sweet Baba, lovely Baba, my Baba’. Let this song constantly be playing automatically. It should not be that when the battery become low, you play different songs of ‘but Baba is mine’. You use the word ‘but’…instead of ‘My Baba’, you say, ‘but Baba is mine’, it becomes mixed. Always sing the song of ‘My Baba’, no matter what.

Have you seen Brahma Baba? Just as you see through physical eyes, the greatest eye of that of experience. If you have not experienced him, then sit in front of the picture of Brahma Baba. You will experience meeting the living form through the image. You will get a response in your heart-to-heart conversations. Why? because he us the father and he listens to you and gives you a response. Don’t remain deprived of this experience.

To the souls everywhere who have a right to the Brahmin birth, to the divine birth, to the close souls who constantly remain together with the Father, to the powerful souls who constantly stay in the awareness of being doubly worthy of worship, to the souls who claim a right to success through having a determined thought and a determined pledge, to the children who have the fortune of happiness, who remain constantly happy and make others happy, special birthday greetings and love and remembrance from the Trimuti Father, BapDada, and Father Brahma. And together with this namaste to the most elevated souls.

Happy 85th Baba!

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