I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me

Baba says, ‘be constantly free and remove any weaknesses by offering your every thought to the Father‘. Simply have one determined thought: ‘I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me’. 

When I come to Baba, I make Him my world. But often I don’t understand fully what that entails. Yes, I think of Him a lot, I eat with Him, talk to Him etc. but to make Baba my world means to belong to Him in my thoughts, words, deeds. It means, ‘I am Baba’s and Baba is mine’. There is no more ‘I’ left and no one or nothing else is ‘mine’. It is complete exclusivity.

When I truly belong to the Father this way, 1) He becomes responsible for me and 2) I become equal to the Father. How? because the Father’s promise is that when I belong to Him, He takes care of my every need. And when He is all I remember and follow, when I truly make Him my only reference point, there are no more distractions in my path, it becomes easy to become like Him.

This is why the Father’s mantra is: Manmanabhav! because the way for anyone to enter my world is through my mind, intellect.

Always consider yourself as belonging to the Father and you will always belong to the Father, says Baba. This determined thought will constantly enable you to move forward. Don’t think about your weaknesses too much.  By thinking about your weaknesses, you become even more weak.  By saying that you are ill, you become doubly ill.  ‘I am not that powerful.  I am not able to have such good yoga.  The service I do is not that good.  Am I loved by Baba or not?  I don’t know whether I will be able to continue or not?’ These thoughts make you even weaker.

Maya comes as a little thought of doubt in the mind but when I indulge myself, dwell on it, I make it big. It is as if I invite her in and offer her tea and biscuits! Maya is the always the companion of weakness, Baba reminds me. Don’t repeatedly speak of your weak thoughts or even think weak thoughts.  By thinking about it again and again, it becomes your form.  Always think: If I don’t belong to Baba, who else will? I will belong to Him every cycle.  This thought makes you healthy and a conqueror of Maya.  

Just as it is important to know Baba, it is also important to know Maya and her tactics. When I don’t discern, I allow the seed of doubt that she sows to grow into a whole tree. I consider the weak and false thought to be the truth about me and in an instant, I go from belonging to Baba to belonging to Maya.

It’s like what happened to Sita in the Ramayan, says Baba. Ravan wasn’t a beggar, but Sita thought he was a beggar. He had simply come to test her and she fell for his trick, thought he really was that. Her lack of discernment made her belong to him and the rest as they say is the Ramayan!  Here too, waste thoughts and weak thoughts take on the form of Maya in order to try me out but I don’t have to become innocent like Sita and think, ‘yes, I am like that!, I am weak’. 

Baba reminds me daily, ‘You are not weak, you are powerful. You are master almighty authorities.  You are the handful out of multimillions who have been selected by BapDada. How could such souls be weak?  To think this way is to give a place to Maya’, He says. To get rid of someone after inviting them into the house to stay is hard. The right thing to do is to discern who is at the door before letting them in. None of you are weak, Baba tells us, you are all masters, you are always courageous and always mahavirs.  Have this elevated thought.  You are constantly the Father’s companion. When you are the Father’s companion, Maya cannot make you her companion.

This was the great specialty of Brahma Baba. Under even the most trying circumstance of not having any food to feed the children, he remained cheerful and unshakeable: ‘this is the Father’s responsibility, not mine.  I belong to the Father and the children also belong to the Father. I am just an instrument’. Only a soul who is surrendered with his mind and intellect can have such faith and remain carefree.  He did not use his intellect, thinking, ‘I don’t know what is going to happen.  Will everyone starve?  Will this happen or that happen?’ Rather than have wasteful thoughts, he always had powerful thoughts: ‘The Father is always the Protector and the Benefactor’. This, Baba explains, is the specialty of surrender.  So, just as Father Brahma surrendered and took the first step of courage, follow the father in the same way.  Faith definitely brings victory. This is known as not having questions, not taking the crooked path, but always putting the full-stop of benefit.  Full-stop!  With this method, Baba explains, it will be easy and you will attain success, you become free from the burden of worry.  

This is also what is known as giving the return of love. If God is my Father and I still need to be worried about this and that, if life isn’t easy then, it doesn’t reflect well on the Father. Let me learn to be the child, the one who has all rights, all powers. Let me trust the Father and my relationship with Him.

This is also the awareness of being an angel. When I belong to the Father and give whatever belonged to me to Him, I become light, I become an angel. Becoming angelic is not hard, says Baba. In order to fulfil this aim, only remember one expression: “Everything belongs to the Father, nothing is mine!” Whenever you use the word “mine”, change it into “Yours”. You will then not feel any burden. When you remain stable in the stage of having a right, dependency will then automatically finish. 

Check at every second: Am I a master almighty authority, the one who has a right to all powers, like the Father?

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