The power of silence

Baba says, ‘the power of silence will make the whole world peaceful from peaceless‘. It is what will give souls the experience.

There are many authorities in the world today- there is religion, there is science and there is political. Each one is trying to bring about order in the world which, no matter which way you look at it, is out of order. Religion is looking to the gurus and priests, scientists continue to think about new inventions that could make things better- maybe it’s moving to another planet? maybe it’s flying cars? maybe it’s never having to get up from the couch? Then, there is politics and they think in terms of military and diplomacy. You give me something, then maybe, I’ll give you something.

God says, none of these authorities are capable of bringing about world transformation. That, can only come from the power of silence, the power of spirituality. And no one except those who have a right to sustenance from God can do this.

In their attempts to change the world order, the world only seems to be getting worse, more divided. With every day, there is more upheaval. To the extent to which this upheaval is occurring in the world, there has to be the power of silence, says Baba. There is enough sound in the world- the gurus talk, the technologists and scientists talk and the politicians talk. Everyone announces their plans, makes tall claims and promises of a ‘better world’. Souls are tired of sound, says Baba, they want an experience of truth, of peace. That can only come from the power of silence.

So what is the power of silence? it doesn’t mean I silence my mind or stop talking. It means my mind is peaceful. When the thoughts are elevated, they are few, they are slower, they are peaceful. Then, the words and actions are accordingly elevated. When thoughts are wasteful or negative, they come fast and furious, they come in huge quantity and tire me out. The mind and intellect are cluttered and unclean. The words and actions are also then accordingly negative or ordinary.

To accumulate this power of silence i.e. to ensure my mind and intellect stay clean and clear, to ensure I am economical, I need to be introverted and in solitude. I don’t take in everything that is going on such that I then think about it, have opinions about it, speak about it. I take in only that which is relevant to me, that ensures my mind stays clean and clear. Solitude means I practice stabilizing myself in any one stage – the seed stage or the lighthouse-mighthouse stage, the angelic stage etc. This makes the intellect strong, stable.

As time gets more delicate, and it will, the only way I will know what to do is through a direct touching from Baba. To be able to catch it, it is imperative to have a clean and clear intellect. To be able to serve the world, I need a powerful and stable intellect. No matter what is going on, I have to be able to keep good wishes, pure feelings- that depends on the quality of my thoughts. If I see something wrong and I judge or become critical, if someone is rude to me and I feel insulted, upset, hurt, if the body gets sick and I am constantly dwelling on it…then, I cannot serve the world. A powerful intellect doesn’t get influenced, a stable intellect doesn’t fluctuate.

The foundational requirement to be a lighthouse to the world is power and stability. I receive from God through keeping my intellect clean and clear and connected to Him, then I spread it all around.

Make a plan, Baba says, for remembrance.

Remembrance means power of silence and you will attain that, He says, when you are at the stage of the top. When I stand at the top of a place, I can see everything clearly. The topmost place for me is the sweet silence home and the topmost stage is as the soul, the seed. Do your activities and then come and sit with the Father, don’t hang around down below, says Baba. Just as when I get tired I take 5mins to rest, similarly, in between take a few mins, even 1 min, and come to the Father, come home, He says. It makes a world of difference! The other top, Baba reminds me, is the topmost point of the cycle- the confluence age. When I spin the cycle, I remember what time this is- that of world transformation. I remember my responsibility – that of a world transformer. I cannot wait for time, I have to bring time close through my power and service.

Let me have good wishes and pure feelings for myself and for all. Just as the Father is an Altruistic Server, let me be a true server as well. Let me understand, as He does, one another’s situation, nature, attitude and learn to say ‘Ha ji’, for by doing so, the power of the gathering will create the flames of silence. It will become the volcano, Baba says.

The souls are waiting, Baba reminds me, they are looking everywhere peace, for happiness, for power. You are the instrument to give this to them.

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