Making my intellect clean

Baba says, ‘you must surrender your intellect to the Father‘. To surrender your old intellect is to receive a divine intellect.

Having lived in Ravan’s world for half a cycle, my intellect has become what Baba calls, a body conscious intellect. This is an intellect that is caught up in the vast expansion of the false I and mine. Baba comes only at this time, at the confluence of the old cycle and the new, He comes to enable His children to reclaim their lost sovereignty and transform this whole world from hell into heaven.

He does so through knowledge- this is the true Gita, He explains. He gives me the knowledge of who I am, of Himself and of the cycle. When you know this, you know everything, He says. Along with the knowledge, He gives souls His love and Companionship which becomes the alchemy that purifies and transforms. This is the pure love, the unconditional love that the soul had been thirsting for half a cycle!

But here’s the catch- love begets love, remembrance begets remembrance. And I cannot love or remember Baba with an unclean, body conscious intellect. I cannot imbibe His knowledge with a unclean, body conscious intellect. When I am so caught up in ‘my talent’, ‘my skill’, ‘my status’, ‘my position’, ‘I should be recognized’, ‘I should be respected’…, my heart is not available for Baba. And God says: I don’t need a clever intellect, I need an honest heart.

Surrender your old, body conscious intellect to Me, He says. To surrender the old is to surrender the false, the I and mine that has been causing me sorrow, depriving me of true love and companionship and getting in the way of my spiritual progress.

A body conscious intellect is a begging intellect- always wanting, desiring, expecting. I identify myself as a specialty or a skill or a virtue and I think of myself as ‘special’. My whole existence is based on this perception of myself and on others’ agreement to this perception. I therefore become subservient and crave respect, appreciation, recognition, praise etc. When it happens, I am happy. When it doesn’t, I feel rejected, sad, hurt, even angry. And so, such an intellect also makes me stingy and dishonest because I will only offer my specialty when I am certain to receive respect. It’s like the rich people of the iron age, says Baba, who donate for glory and fame, not from the goodness of their heart. That comes more easily to the poor, He says. Even though they have a little, they readily donate it in the name of God.

Baba says, I am the Lord of the Poor. Poor refers to poverty of body consciousness. You have to become a beggar, you have to die alive from the false, He says. Yours must be one Shiv Baba and none other. Only then will you be able to become truly wealthy, He says. True wealth comes when I imbibe the knowledge Baba gives me and transform. How? The soul’s wealth is it’s self-respect. I cannot respect myself as long as I operate on the basis of the ego which is inherently selfish. When I transform, I surrender the ‘I’ of the ego and align with my truth, the soul conscious ‘I’. I become honorable, honest, loving,…and giving. I become charitable. This is who the soul really is. I respect myself again. I stop begging for it from others. Where there is self-respect, there is true contentment, peace and happiness.

To surrender your old intellect to the Father, is to receive a divine intellect, says Baba. It happens automatically. Divinity is a clean, honest intellect that is free from selfishness. Such an intellect becomes the golden vessel that can imbibe the Father’s knowledge and then also uplift other souls. It is your business to awaken all human beings and show them the path, says Baba. The more soul conscious you become and the more you give the Father’s introduction to others, the more benefit there will be.

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