Hear no evil, see no evil

Baba says, ‘only listen to the Father’. Hear no evil, see no evil. 

BapDada has come to change humans into deities. That is the truth, not a tall story. But souls of the world who have not recognized Baba and not received the knowledge from Him think this is just imagination. If my faith is not strong, it is possible that my intellect gets influenced by their beliefs and I might leave.

Never follow the dictates of others, says Baba. If you follow the dictates of yourself or of others, you die.

In the same vein, if after I come to Baba I experience financial setbacks or face another crisis, souls of the world, including ‘relatives’ and ‘friends’, will jump at the opportunity to draw a link between the setback and the fact that I no longer do bhakti. ‘You shouldn’t have left bhakti’, they tell me, ‘now, the deities are angry! Leave this path and come back to the temple’, they say, ‘then, things will be okay again’. Again if my understanding of the knowledge is weak or my faith in Baba is weak, then I am liable to think that this is more than a co-incidence and again, leave.

Victory through faith is definite, and those who maintain courage receive help from BapDada and all the souls of the Godly family. No matter how much others try to make your courage fluctuate, through the power of the promise you made to belong to Baba, your foot must not shake even slightly, says Baba.

Which foot? The foot with which I go on the pilgrimage of remembrance – the intellect. My pilgrimage is unique, I take it without leaving my home or even the couch, and I never return back from it. It is a one-way journey to a new world that I enter into as a new person, as a deity. The pilgrimage is where I transform from a human into a deity. The more diligent I am about staying on this pilgrimage, the more faith I develop.

Even if the whole world tries to shake you, you are more powerful than the souls of the entire world. Even if there is the entire world on one side, and you alone are on the other side, your power is more elevated because the Almighty Authority Father is your Companion. This is why there is the praise of the Shiv Shaktis. When Shiva and the Shaktis are companions, what are the souls of the world compared to you? Even though there are many of them, they are not equal to you, Baba reminds me.

In order to make this courage imperishable, you must constantly pay attention to one aspect: instead of influencing yourself with the bad company of others, you must continue to protect yourself. Many types of attraction will come in the form of a paper, but you must not be attracted by them. You must remain cheerful, consider it to be a paper and pass it. If you are colored by company, you become distant. You won’t then be able to stay close in the incorporeal world, nor at the confluence age now or in the future, He says..

Sometimes it’s not people, it my own senses that deceive me. I see or hear something and immediately, my thinking starts. ‘how could they be like this!?’, ‘can this too happen?’ etc. and my intellect is pulled away from Baba. Then, I feel the need to tell others about what I saw or heard. So not only did I not maintain my stage, I became an instrument to spoil someone else’s too. ‘If someone tells you anything other than knowledge, then understand that that one is your enemy; he would bring you into degradation‘, cautions Baba.

One who is truly studying Raja Yoga i.e. the study to become a self-sovereign cannot be deceived by the physical organs, the mind, intellect or sanskars even in dreams, because he has a right, explains Baba. A soul who has a right can never be subservient. Mahatma Gandhi said: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!…Baba tells me 4 things, He says: ‘do not even think evil, because first you think of something, then you speak of it, then you see it’.

It is only when I protect myself am I able to imbibe the knowledge, or move forward on the pilgrimage. The Father says: I made you so wealthy! Now look at the condition Maya has brought you to! Bharat was heaven and then, by falling down, you have become residents of hell. The Father now says: Become pure and become residents of heaven. Manmanabhav! God Shiva speaks: Constantly remember Me alone. All your sins will be absolved through the pilgrimage of remembrance. 

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