Become a knowledgeable soul

Baba says, ‘the Father loves knowledgeable souls‘. Therefore, become master oceans of knowledge, the same as the Father.

Knowledge is understanding. It is the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. The greatest ignorance is not knowing the self and the Creator. I had been wandering for half a cycle as a result of this ignorance. The Father came and reminded me of who I am and gave me His own introduction. You are a pure, peaceful soul, He told me. You are an actor who came down here from the home to play your part in the unlimited drama. You have played 84 different roles, this current role is your last one as the drama comes to an end. Then, we will return home.

He has given me this knowledge but to what extent have I imbibed this knowledge? To imbibe and become the practical form of the knowledge is to be a knowledgeable soul.

This is of course our intent and we make a lot of effort in this direction. We wake up early in the morning and meditate, listen to the Murli, follow all the disciplines etc. but often we find that despite our effort, there isn’t much progress or return – I am battling sanskars or I find myself saying: ‘I didn’t mean to say that but it came out’ or I struggle with sensitiveness or I am still shook up by events or people. This is ordinariness, says Baba. I struggle because, subtly, deep inside, I still identify myself as an impure soul. I see myself in the scenes of this birth and label myself based on that. It is as if my leg is chained to this pillar such that even as I try to move forward, I cannot. This is not the sign of a knowledgeable soul.

Baba has told me one thing, I believe something different. He is God, the Truth. I have zero reason to doubt what He has told me about myself or anything else, and yet, I hold on to my old beliefs. He has told me that I am an actor that has played 84 roles and so a knowledgeable soul would spin the discus to look at my whole story rather than just a few isolated last scenes. It is as if a person were sick with the cold and I were to arrive at the conclusion that this is how the person really is- sneezing, coughing, weak with a stuffy nose. But I don’t do that because I know that this is a condition that will pass in a few days, and that the person will then return to their normal state. It’s the same here- my current state is a condition, the reality is what Baba has told me.

And so a knowledgeable soul will accept and step in to the reality because until I do, I will think, speak and behave as per my current condition which is to say, ordinarily. It’s what Brahma Baba did – when Shiv Baba told him who he is, he shifted his consciousness and stepped into his role. He went from being a householder to the father of humanity.

Every one of the Father’s praise is your praise, He tells me. Do I experience each of these titles and embody them or do I simply know of them and recite them?

Sometimes, I look at the plight of the world and shake my head in disbelief. Then, I proceed to analyze it and think: how could this happen? why did this happen? can this too happen? etc. The Father has given me the knowledge of the cycle, He has told me that everything that is new has to become old. This is part of the plot of the drama. Let me not waste time being surprised by it, let me move to becoming an instrument of transformation, of making the old world, new again.

On the one side I know that world is in bad shape, that it has lost its heart, its character and on the other hand, I try to fit in. I still identify myself as the many ‘I’s and ‘mine’s and spend my time protecting the shells thinking them to be diamonds. I still allow my physical senses to rule my mind and intellect – I am still attracted to bodies and things, I still get misled by what I hear, I’m still subservient to the taste of the tongue. This is not a sign of the knowledgeable soul who knows that this is the last birth in this old world, that none of this that I see will go with me, that the only things that will go with me are my mind, intellect and sanskars.

God comes once in the whole cycle at this confluence of the old and new cycle. He comes to liberate me from the prison of the vices, from the darkness of ignorance through His knowledge. I have a short time in which to imbibe this knowledge and make it mine i.e. to purify my mind, intellect and sanskars i.e. to claim my inheritance. To purify is to return to my essence, to divinity, to spirituality. For this, I need the power of remembrance. The Father says, ‘Manmanabhav!’, ‘Madhyajibhav!’, only remember Me and the inheritance. I step inward and touch base with my true, elevated destiny and then move upward to connect with the Father. This is what a knowledgeable soul does.

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