The specialty of contentment

Baba says, ‘constantly remain cheerful and content by remaining aware of your fortune and attainments‘. The basis of contentment is to have all attainments.

The special blessing of the confluence age is contentment and the seed of this contentment is all attainments, says Baba.

The seed of discontentment is a lack of physical or subtle attainment. The praise of you Brahmins is: Nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of Brahmins, that is, in the life of Brahmins. So, why should there be discontentment? Since the treasure-store of the Bestower and the Bestower of Blessings is overflowing and you have such huge attainment, why should there be discontentment?

Those who are jewels of contentment would be constantly happy in their mind, their heart, with everyone, with the Father and with the drama. Waves of happiness would be constantly visible in their minds and bodies. No matter what circumstances arise, whether any soul who is settling his or her karmic accounts continues to come in front of you, whether the physical suffering of the body continues to come in front of you, if you are a soul who is free from limited desires, because of being contented, you would always be seen as a sparkling star with a look of happiness.

Contented souls would be always selfless and always experience everyone else to be innocent (blameless). They would always have an attitude and vision that is free from blame.

Contentment is the easy way to spirituality, and cheerfulness is the easy attainment. Those who have contentment are seen to be embodiments of cheerfulness.

Contentment is the easy way to imbibe all specialties. The treasure of contentment automatically attracts all other treasures towards itself. 

Contentment is the proof of the subject of knowledge. 

Contentment makes you a carefree emperor

Contentment is the way to remain constantly seated (set) on your seat of self-respect.

Contentment constantly and easily makes you into a great donor, a world benefactor and a bestower of blessings

Contentment liberates you from the spinning of the cycle of “mine and yours” and makes you into a spinner of the discus of self-realization. 

Contentment makes you constantly free from sinful thoughts and enables you to claim a right to the victorious seat of constancy and stability. It enables you to remain stable in the perfect form of having a right to remain constantly seated on BapDada’s heart-throne, to wear the tilak of easy remembrance and the crown of the service of world transformation.

Contentment is the donation of life in Brahmin life. It is the easy way to progress in Brahmin life. When you are content with yourself and the family, the family is content with you. Whilst living in the midst of any situation, atmosphere or vibration of upheaval, you remain content. Similarly, those who are embodiments of contentment claim a right to the certificate of being an elevated soul and a victorious jewel. 

Contentment is a sign of being fulfilled. If a soul is not fulfilled, either because of physical hunger or of hunger in the mind, then it doesn’t matter how much he receives, because of not being fulfilled, such a soul will always be dissatisfied. Royal souls would always feel full even with a little. Where there is fullness, there is contentment. Any service that makes you discontented is not service. Service means the service that brings you fruit. If there is discontentment in service, leave that service but do not let go of your contentment. Always remain beyond any limited desires, remain full and you will become equal.

The specialty of the confluence age is contentment. This is the special attainment of Brahmin life. If there is no contentment or happiness, then there is no benefit in becoming a Brahmin.

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