You have come having awakened your fortune

Baba says, ‘you children know that you have come here to claim your fortune, your fortune of heaven‘. You have come here having awakened your fortune. 

Bharat was fortunate; the people of Bharat were deities. Their fortune was awakened. Now the people of Bharat are the masters of hell and so their fortune is not so bright. Then, everyone’s fortune was awake, whereas it is now asleep. Only the unlimited Father awakens the fortune of the whole human world.

Have you awakened your fortune or do you have to waken it?, asks Baba. The answer is based on my awareness. Is my awareness fortune focused or misfortune focused?

Often, we look at situations, events in the world etc. and are in constant disbelief: ‘What has the world come to!’, ‘how did this happen?’, ‘why did this happen?’ etc. We spend time thinking about it, analyzing it, and then describing it to others. Sometimes, the body is ill and it is all we can think or talk about. This, is being misfortune focused.

Baba has already told me that this world is hell, I have been given the knowledge that this is Ravan’s kingdom. So yes, it is a clearly established and agreed upon fact. I therefore don’t need to describe it and expand on it any further. Yes, the body is unwell and there is certainly pain and discomfort but the suffering is optional. That is up to me. Do I choose to focus on the pain and dwell on it or do I focus on my attainments?

When I am misfortune focused, it shows me that I am still quite involved in the old world, it is still where I live i.e. it is what fills my awareness. This helps no one, says Baba. It only adds to the heaviness in the atmosphere, it adds to the negativity and sense of doom. It does disservice.

Your fortune has been awakened, says Baba.

To have recognition means to awaken your fortune. The elevated moment of your fortune first opening is when you children recognized, accepted and said, “My Baba!” That moment is the most elevated and beautiful moment of the whole cycle. That moment was when, from being an orphan you belonged to the Lord and Master and became something totally different from what you were. Those who had been separated met again. A soul who had no attainment belonged to the Bestower of Attainment. That first moment of transformation, the moment of your fortune awakening, is such a great, elevated moment. That first moment when you belonged to the Father is even greater than the life of heaven. Everything “mine” became “Yours”. As soon as you said “Yours” you became double light. You became light from the burden of “mine”. You received wings of happiness. From being on the earth, you began to fly in the sky. You changed from stone to a diamond. You became free from the many types of spinning and become a spinner of the discus of self-realization. Your third eye opened and you saw the Father. Do you remember that moment?, He asks.

When this is what I remember, when this is what fills my awareness, then, I am fortune focused. I remain light, happy, cheerful and this is what I radiate into the atmosphere. I serve.

You are studying for the new world, Baba reminds me, not to make it in the old world. Sometimes, we are so caught up in the hustle of making it in Ravan’s world, we even try to enlist Baba’s help: ‘Baba, please remove this obstacle’, ‘Baba, can you help me win this project’ etc. God says, ‘I am not here for this, I am here to purify souls and establish the new world’. This is the task I signed up to help God with, not the other way around.

And I help God establish the new world while staying in the old. I help establish heaven while staying in hell. This, is the beauty of the confluence age!

I do this by being fortune focused, by keeping the attainments in my awareness, by connecting with my truth. When I step inward and touch base with my purity, with my own elevated destiny, I activate those original sanskars of peace, purity, love, power and wisdom. Then, I operate based on those sanskars and radiate them into the atmosphere. I thus focus on the establishment. This, is being sensible, says Baba. If instead I am battling old sanskars, spending my time feeling ashamed of defects, then that is silly. When I know that the house I am living in is old, termite ridden, dilapidated and to be torn down, then the sensible thing to do is to focus my energy on building the new house, not in feeling sorry for the old house, not in describing the termites, and certainly not in trying to redecorate the old house.

‘Kick the old world and turn your face to the new world‘, says Baba. You must have the sweet home, the land of peace in one eye and the new world, the land of happiness in the other, says Baba. Constantly spin the cycle of self-realization and look at your elevated destiny. Constantly remain in the companionship of the Supreme Father, Teacher, Satguru, Friend and Beloved- eat with Him, walk with Him, live with Him, sleep with Him. Look at your fortune!, He says.

When I do, my awareness transforms me and the world. It serves my brother and sisters who are hungry for an experience of true peace, love and happiness. It attracts them to the Father and inspires them to claim their right to the inheritance. ‘You have come here with your fortune awakened‘, Baba reminds me. ‘you have come having made a new world in your heart’.

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