True lovers of the Beloved

Baba says, ‘you souls are lovers of the one Beloved‘. That Beloved has now come. 

The Supreme Soul is the Highest on High and the most loved. He is everyone’s Beloved. All of you souls are lovers of the one Beloved, the Supreme Soul. You have been remembering Him since the beginning of the path of devotion. Souls remember the Father. 

You lovers are many and the Beloved is only One, but each of you says from experience, “My Beloved”, because your spiritual Beloved is the Ocean of Love. The Ocean is unlimited: however many of you lovers there are, you can all take as much as you want and the Ocean will always be limitless and full. This is why there can be no question of someone receiving less or you receiving more. Those who take can take as much as they want. The treasure-store of love is overflowing. However, those who take are numberwise in taking, whereas the One who is giving gives number one love. Those who take are also numberwise in imbibing whatever they take, says Baba.

One thing is to profess love and it is another to fulfill the responsibility of that love. It isn’t enough to simply say, ‘My Beloved’ and not fulfill the responsibility of ‘My’. The Father says: You may live at home with your family but you have to follow shrimat. Instead, children do what they want and then say to Baba, ‘I keep behaving like this, I have this sanskar, this is how I am but it is Your duty to transform me!’ The children tell the Father to do that which He has asked them to do. They conveniently say: ‘No matter what I am, how I am, I am Yours’. And so the Beloved also replies, ‘Yes, you are Mine – but at least become a perfect match!’

The Beloved is so beautifully decorated and the lover is still wearing a black dress with lots of stains. When children say: ‘It is Your duty to transform me, remove my stains’, the Father says, ‘forget the stains, I have given you a new shining dress, why don’t you wear that? Why do you keep putting on the old stained dress’, asks the Beloved. Instead, why don’t you put on the new dress and stay with the Beloved in the sparkling world? Nothing can get stained there. He says, ‘lovers, remain constantly equal to the Beloved – full and constantly shining’. To remain equal means to remain stable in your complete form.

In addition to wearing the shining dress, you also have to become light like the Beloved, says Baba. Only then can you fly home with Him. The Beloved says, “Become light!”, but you become heavy, He says. There is the spiritual exercise – to become incorporeal in a moment, to become an avyakt angel in a moment, to become a karma yogi in a moment and to become a world server in a moment – to become any of those forms within a second is your spiritual exercise, says Baba. Instead of doing the exercise, you gain a lot of weight from wastage and are therefore unable to become light. Some gain the weight of wasted time, some of wasted thoughts and some of wasted powers. Some have wasteful relationships. Because of the weight you gain in all these different ways, you cannot become double-light like the Beloved.

True lovers are characterized by becoming equal to the Beloved; that is, by becoming like the Beloved, as He is and what He is. Only equality brings closeness. When there isn’t equality, you cannot become close. So, today, the spiritual Beloved is telling you lovers: Become equal and come close.

Increase your remembrance as much as possible, He says. You don’t have to say, “Shiv Baba, Shiv Baba”, with your mouth. A lover remembers her beloved. Once they see each other, their intellects only remember each other. You remember the one Beloved. You connect your intellects in yoga to Him, the One who is also the Father, the Teacher and the Purifier, the Almighty Authority. You have yoga with that Father and take power from Him. Your knowledge is different. You receive power in order to conquer Maya. Such a Beloved is so sweet! He makes you into the masters of the world!

The Father has now come and so you should become His true lovers. Your intellects’ yoga should not wander anywhere else. You may live at home with your families, but remain like a lotus flower, He says. Even when your hands are at work, your intellect should be connected in love with the Father. Those who have made the Father belong to them know how good the Beloved is, the One Whom everyone has been remembering for half the cycle. Those human lovers are lovers for just one birth. You have been remembering the One for half the cycle.

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