A special soul

Baba says, ‘you special souls have to fill yourselves with special power to enable them to take a jump‘. There is now a need for this service.

I have been without an identity and sense of belonging for half a cycle. I was an orphan wandering, lost, looking for my home. Baba came and reminded me of who I am, my elevated destiny and made me belong to Him. To know the self and the Father is like an injection to the soul, it is a new life to the weak and hopeless.

Most of the world today is still a world of orphans – hopelessness and powerlessness are rampant. Obstacles come in my path and I am unable to overcome them. I instead find myself overwhelmed by them, thinking about them, analyzing them but unable to simply take a high jump and get across. It’s not that I am not moving backwards but then neither am I moving forward. I am just standing there. I am not stuck exactly because I am free to move but I cannot find the power to fly; I need extra force.

Baba says that just as a rocket is filled with force and then sent very high, similarly, souls need special power or force to enable them to take that leap and fly. You, the world benefactors, are instruments to provide this special force, Baba reminds me. But for that, He says, you first of all need to have the force within you. When I am able to move forward, when I am adept at taking flight, then I am able to donate the power to others.

Just as you donate knowledge, so now you need to donate the force of power, says Baba. Power is a gift- it is a blessing. It’s what God gives me- His power. He gives it in the form of His unconditional acceptance, love, support, compassion and through His faith in me. I know you, He tells me everyday, it is you that have been victorious cycle after cycle, you are simply repeating it again. He injects zeal and enthusiasm where there is no hope, He lifts and empowers through His faith filled words, His good wishes and pure feelings.

Now, He says, you have to perform the task of being a bestower of blessings. You have given a lot of knowledge as a bestower of knowledge, now bestow the blessing of power. This, He says, is what special souls do.

Souls should be able to forge a direct connection with the Father in a second with your help, says Baba, they should experience such power through you. If I myself lack power, then I just end up becoming an agent in between that makes souls get stuck with me first before they can forge a connection with the Father. They don’t become powerful enough themselves to connect with the Father, they find it difficult. It’s like the priest at the temple or church who becomes the agent between the devotee and God. This, Baba says, is ordinary. Souls still feel distant from the Father wondering how to connect, if the Father can see them, hear them etc. They don’t yet feel the belonging nor experience their right as a child.

Special souls, on the other hand, through their own power will finish these questions that arise in the minds of souls. They will not let other souls experience any difficulty or labor. As soon as special souls come, these other souls will feel that they’ve once again found the family they had lost and that they’ve found the Father they had forgotten. In fact, says Baba, when they realize that they had forgotten, they become amazed and wonder: “How could I have forgotten such a Father?” It’s an instant and direct connection to the Father and to their inheritance. This is the main difference between ordinary souls and special souls. To be a special soul is to be a true instrument.

So, the effort of special souls at this time, Baba says, should be to fill yourself with all the powers. If I am still checking if I got angry with anyone today or if I caused sorrow to anyone today, then that is too basic, says Baba. You have to now move to refined aspects, He says, fill yourself with all powers. Sometimes, we get careless and think: ‘well, I have six out of the eight powers, I am just missing two’. Baba cautions against this kind of thinking. First of all, He says, don’t think there are just eight powers, there are many. You have to be full of all the powers and be able to use the right power at the right time. And if you are missing even a single power, that’s the one that will come again and again as a test before you, He says.

You have become knowledge-full, but, according to the present time, you need to be powerful, says Baba. You are the ones that are becoming golden aged deities. So, as is your praise, now become full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full and a master almighty authority – the one with all powers.

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