Remember the Father with a lot of love

Baba says, ‘It is the duty of you souls to attach your hearts to the Father‘. Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father with a lot of love.

The children’s greatest effort is in trying to become bodiless, says Baba. It is the easiest of all but also the most difficult of all. To have the faith that I am a soul and to remember the Father takes effort. I, the soul, am a star and the Father is also an extremely subtle star. To understand this and imbibe this, takes effort.

But why should it!? I am a soul, it is who I am. So why does it take effort for bodiless souls to be bodiless? It’s because you don’t have the practice of being soul conscious, says Baba, you have been body conscious for half the cycle. I have been putting on costumes and playing different parts for 84 births, I have become a bodily being.

Yes, agrees Baba, you have been playing a part but it is now time to return home and one always performs actions according to the time. Now, the drama is ending and you have to return home. For this you have to leave behind the costumes of the parts you have been playing, you will have to renounce your old bodies. Even to go to the kingdom of heaven, you will have to renounce the old costumes. Since you now have to go somewhere else, you have to be ever-ready, says Baba. You have to become soul conscious.

For this, remember the Father with a lot of love, He says. He is my reference point, the only one at this point. By remembering Him as He is by first situating myself as I am, the rust will be removed. I, the soul, have to know the Father. Specifically, He says, pay attention to four things:

  1. Be lost in the true love of the Beloved (preet)- this becomes the easy way to forget myself, the world and the body. You have already experienced love. There is only you and the Father and no third one in between. To have found the Father is to have found everything, what else remains for you to do? If devotees can lose themselves in singing songs of love for someone they don’t know then, says Baba, imagine how much more lost in love would someone that fulfills the responsibility of love would be? To become bodiless out of love is like a game of a second. As soon as you say ‘Baba!’, you forget your body, the word ‘Baba!’ is the bomb of soul consciousness that makes you forget the old world. Simply turn on the switch of your awareness, He says.
  2. Love the true Friend (meet) – this enables me to forget everything. When two friends meet, they lose awareness of themselves and the time. Your truest Friend would even go with you beyond the graveyard. Bodily friends would only go with you as far as the graveyard. Therefore, they cannot become removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness. At a time of sorrow, they can be a little helpful; they can help you a little, but they can’t remove your sorrow. 
  3. Sings the songs of the heart (geet) – for so long as someone sings songs from his heart, he forgets himself and the time. Constantly continue to sing songs of the virtues you have attained from BapDada. There are so many songs of praise of you and the Father and the melodies of these songs play automatically. The more songs of praise of virtues you sing, the more the melodies of happiness will automatically play. 
  4. Remember the right way (reet) – being bodiless or anything for that matter is easy when you know the right way. First is love (preet), second is friend (meet), third is song (geet) and fourth is the way (reet).

The aim of this study is to become free from body consciousness and to become soul conscious. That comes through remembrance. It is through remembrance that I become very lovely like Lakshmi and Narayan. It is through remembrance that I become pure, it absolves all my sins. It is remembrance that allows me to maintain a stable and constant stage, enables constant happiness. This is why yoga or remembrance is the main thing, says Baba. It is what brings you close to the Father.

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