He is the Innocent Lord

Baba says, ‘Shiva, the Innocent Lord, is the One who rectifies everything that has gone wrong‘. This is only His praise.

The cycle of time is continuously turning but it is only at this time, at the confluence, that the cycle is in its ascending stage. Right from the first moment in the golden age, the cycle descends, the souls descend from their original purity, peace and truth, and accordingly the world descends. At different points in this descension, many great prophet souls come to hold up the world, to prevent it from going into complete chaos. They do the world a great service but they cannot transform it, they simply slow down the decay.

Only Shiva, the Innocent Lord, is the One who rectifies everything that has gone wrong. Only He transforms the world – not from a little bad to good, not from medium bad to good but from complete degradation to complete glory. He comes when Ravan has spoilt everyone. He comes when the world is hell and transforms it to heaven. He comes when there is complete darkness and brings complete daylight. This, is only His praise.

We are in the confluence age now, this is His time. He is here to bring about world transformation. He does it by transforming us souls, through our purification. It took you 5000 years to change from deity to human, it takes me just a second to transform you back from human into deity, He says. It’s as if I took the stairs to come down and now I take the escalator to go up. And I don’t take this ride up by myself, He becomes my Companion.

I just need you to remember one thing, He tells me. Whatever you do, don’t look back.

When one goes to their new home, they have no more attachment with the old. Especially when the old house is falling apart and is to be destroyed, the heart is removed from it. This, is an unlimited aspect, Baba explains. This old body and these old relationships are all to be finished. Now, whom should you remember?

So we step on the escalator. At first, it’s easy, breezy. Then, Maya notices that I’m missing from her flock and looks for me. When she finds me on the escalator with God, she starts to plot ways to get me back. Sometimes she tries to lure me with bright, beautiful fireworks that light up the sky with beautiful colors. Let me not look up or back to see where it came from. Then, other times, I hear a bomb go off, it’s explosion so loud, I almost have a heart attack! Let me remember to never let go of the hand-rails of drama and Baba’s hand…they are there for a reason. Sometimes, she even has my name appear in front of me in big, flashy, neon lights – they cover the sky! All you have to do is hustle a little here, do a little there and your name will be printed in bold letters; this is your destiny, she tell me. Let me feel free to roll my eyes at that promise from the politician! When all fails, she will call out to me in the voice of a relative, a friend telling me that I am on the wrong path. And when that fails, she will not hesitate to even mimic Baba’s voice to try to deceive me into thinking that He is calling my name.

Maya is a mouse, Baba reminds me. She won’t stop at anything. But I do what Krishna did- I kick the old world and face the new. I never turn back. I remember that there is nothing there. I cannot have any doubts about this- why? because I have spent not one, not two but the whole half cycle in that world. I know it inside and out. It’s rotten to its core. That’s why God is here and I am with Him, finally! What else and who else could I want? God creates heaven, Ravan creates hell…whom would I rather be with?

Let me listen only to the Father. He is telling me all the secrets of the world, of time, of souls as He accompanies me on this journey. I am now taking you back home and then you will come into heaven. And so, have the sweet home in one eye and the new world in the other. By remembering the sweet home, you will come to Me. This is your duty at this time, He reminds me, to remember the Father. Don’t use your intellects, He says, in wasteful matters – this is what I do when I look back. Sometimes, we become interested in reading the news, in social media under the guise of ‘staying current’. We’ve let go of worldly ‘friends’ but make new ‘friends’ in the Brahmin family with whom we regularly engage in gossip. We become impressed with so and so because of a certain virtue or skill they possess. These are all part of looking back, they can make me fall or at the very minimum, make me come to a standstill. That I now engage with Brahmins does not make it okay.

Have yoga only with the Father and understand the cycle, because it is only by having remembrance that your sins will be absolved, He reminds me. This requires effort. In other words, remain aware of the time, and don’t look back. It’s that easy, He says, it’s very name is easy Rajayoga. The main thing is remembrance.

Only He is called the Innocent Lord! He enters an impure body in the impure world in the old kingdom of Ravan…just for me! to liberate me! It is said: When you give love, you receive love. The Father says: Those who do a lot of service to change humans into deities for Me are the ones who are loved the most. 

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