Beggar to prince

Baba says, ‘You have to change from beggars into princes‘. This is the aim and objective of Raja Yoga. 

A prince or a king is a bestower; kings nowadays are not that, says Baba. Kings who are full and perfect are those who constantly give to their people.

If the king takes from his people, then the people are the kings. This is why kings who are full and perfect never take anything; they are those who give. Beggars on the other hand constantly have their hand outstretched to take. This isn’t about money; to be a beggar means to be powerless.

Check, says Baba, if you have filled yourself with the sanskars of a bestower.

Great donors constantly donate, be it through their mind, with their company, with the power of their words, with the love of their relationship and with the infinite treasure of happiness. Any soul who comes into connection with them goes back filled with the treasure of happiness. Kings never have the thought to give to others only after receiving something from them: ‘I will change when they change’, ‘Let them change a little and then I’ll change a little’, ‘let him transform at least in one thing and I will then transform myself in ten things’.

If I have thoughts of first receiving salvation for myself before I give salvation to others, then that is not the sanskar of a king, it is a sanskar of a beggar. It shows powerlessness, it shows that I am subservient to other souls, to sanskars.

When I become ignorant of the knowledge of desire, only then can I become a great donor. That, is called changing from beggar to prince, explains Baba.

Don’t be one who has any desire to take, He says, be a beggar for this temporary desire. Be a beggar in accepting temporary facilities. Only such beggars are images of perfection: on the one hand a beggar and yet, on the other hand, full. Souls who are playing practical parts of “beggar to prince” now are constant renunciates and constantly those with elevated fortune. It is through renunciation of the limited, Baba reminds me, that fortune for all time is automatically created: as soon as you renounce something limited, the line of your fortune is drawn.

A king or a prince is one who makes beggar souls prosperous, says Baba. He uplifts others. He has compassion for those who defame, he embraces even those who insult him. They are trikaldarshi (the knowers of the three aspects of time). They discern the weaknesses in others but don’t let those weaknesses enter them, they don’t imbibe them. Instead, like the Father, they keep the perfect forms of those souls in their vision and inspire them to change. They don’t speak about the weaknesses, they merge. They don’t blame, they reconcile. They are those who, with their pure feelings for uplifting others, with their love, power, sweet words and the co-operation of zeal and enthusiasm make disheartened souls powerful. In other words, they make beggar souls equal to them, they make beggar souls into emperors.

Brahma Baba gave his own time for service. He himself became humble and gave respect to the children – ‘first, the children’. He got the task done but put forth the name of the children. He constantly thought of and kept himself as a server and gave the children the respect of a master. His happiness was the children’s happiness, their sorrow and mistakes were his. He constantly made the children righteous. This, is uplifting others. This is beggar to prince.

You know that you will become the future princes, says Baba, you have to change from beggars into princes. This is the aim and objective of Raja Yoga. Consider this your responsibility as the world benefactors, says Baba. If everyone became like this, Baba says, there would be world transformation, there would be no more complaints and situations, there would be spiritual loving gatherings everywhere. There would then be a fast speed in the task of world benefit.

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