Yes, storms will come but the attainment is heaven

Baba says, ‘yes, storms will come‘. But the reward is great too, you become the masters of heaven. Therefore, you have to make effort.

At any given time in the world right now, there is a lot going on. There is already enough going on in life- pressure at work, relationships, taking care of family, and then there is a pandemic! I can allow it to get to me, overwhelm me, rule over me but Baba says, you are a sovereign. You are designed to overcome everything that comes your way.

Let me remember the time in the cycle. This is the iron age, this is Ravan’s world, this is hell. If I am expecting attributes of heaven in people, in the world, if I am expecting a smooth life, then I am setting myself up for disappointment. This is a time where there will be obstacles, storms, till the very end. This is not speaking doom and gloom, it’s acknowledging the time, setting the right expectations. I cannot control what’s going on around me but here’s the thing: I don’t have to! I only have to control my response. Focus not on what’s around me, focus on what’s in me.

Baba says, storms will come but the destination is high. You are attaining the kingdom of heaven.

Now, to attain the kingdom of heaven means to attain purity, happiness, love, power, knowledge…The Father gives me all this as my inheritance…not in heaven, but now. I have to attain the kingdom of heaven now, in Ravan’s world, in hell. In other words, I attain purity in the midst of complete impurity, I attain happiness in a world full of sorrow, love where there is anger and attachment, power where there is subservience and hopelessness, knowledge where there is ignorance. That is the characteristic and specialty of this time, the confluence- to be in hell preparing for heaven.

How am I going to get powerful in a world I cannot control? or pure in a complete swamp?

That’s where situations, obstacles, storms come in- they help me attain heaven. Yes, the situation at work is hard, it’s stressful, it feels like I’m being sidelined, treated unfairly. Yes, relationships are hard, too many unfair expectations, demands. Yes, it’s all true and it can feel like unbearable pressure, it can feel overwhelming but let me not be moved by how I feel, let me have faith in what I know. I am designed to withstand this pressure else, I wouldn’t be in it. God is my Father! I have given my life to Him and He is responsible for me. He has not forgotten about me, on the contrary, He dotes on me, never lets me out of His sight. He is also not standing by wringing His hands as scenes of the drama unfold. He knows what I am capable of, He won’t let me get into a situation that I won’t be able to handle. He is the Almighty Authority and I am His child, He knows what’s in me!

If I am facing something that seems too big, too hard, to much, something is taking too long, let me stay in faith. The big challenges are there because my destiny is big! The pressure is there not to defeat me, it’s there to help me discover that which my Father already knows – that I am stronger than I think! I am able, I am powerful, I have what I need to overcome. He is showing me what I’m capable of, letting me see it. I need to know what I have, it needs to emerge from the very bottom of my spirit where it has been buried for half a cycle, to the very top. Now is when that has to happen. Let me know this and remember this.

Baba says, ‘the Father has come to give the kingdom of heaven to those who have to take it from Him. However, while taking, they get tired. I come to give this to you and you get slack when it comes to taking it.’

He has come to give to those who have to take from Him. He doesn’t come to give to anyone…He comes to give to those who have to take from Him. So if storms are coming, pressure is too much, if it’s hard, that’s great news! I am attaining the kingdom of heaven. I am re-discovering myself, the parts I had forgotten, the powerful part, the pure part, the strong part, the courageous part, the loving part. Let me remember with faith. Let me not get tired, feel burdened, I am being helped to reach my destination. I am destined to be the master, the self-sovereign.

To be a self-sovereign, as the name suggests, is not about living life burdened, under pressure, bitter, resentful, unhappy. A sovereign is not a victim, he is a victor! When I have faith in the intellect about who I am, Whom I belong to, my destiny, then nothing can hold me back unless I allow it to. Let me watch what I take in – am I around negative people who speak self-doubt, who try to convince me that this is just how the world will always be, that heaven is a myth, that life is meant to have struggles all the time? am I taking in gossip about who did what, doom-scrolling on the web? Let me ensure I am guarding my inner world, that I am filling it with faith, with positivity, with uplifting words that I receive from the Father every day. He is telling me who I am, what I am destined for, let me listen only to Him, only He knows me as I am.

Human beings cannot receive happiness, peace or purity from human beings. There is praise of just the one shop of the Father. Only Shiv Baba is the Shopkeeper of happiness, peace and purity. Anyone can come and do business with Him. He is called the Businessman. He stocks purity, happiness, peace, prosperity, everything; nothing is unattained. You attain the kingdom of heaven.

I do business with the Businessman when I remember Him. That is the effort. When I remember Him, I remember myself. When I remember His praise- that He is the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Happiness, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Purity…I feel reassured. He is the Ocean! there is more there than I can ever use up. All I have to do is connect with Him. When I remember His praise, I also remember that I am the master ocean, I have within me all those very things, I am also the owner of the Father’s shop. Let me showcase my wares too, let me emerge them. He is helping me, He is right here with me.

I am a great salesman, a great businessman when I think like a champion even when the obstacle is ten times my size, when I talk like an overcomer even when I feel the pressure on me, when I praise when I could be complaining, when I declare victory even when it looks like defeat. Yes, says Baba, there will be challenges, there will be storms but the reward is high. You have to discover your strength, what’s in you. Every time I realize and experience that I am stronger, it builds faith and confidence which will be instrumental for the next challenge. The trouble I am in is not how my story ends. It’s what’s going to get me to my next milestone, my next chapter. It’s what’s going to bring out the hero inside me, the overcomer, the sovereign. Let me remember! I am the child of God. I am the master of heaven.

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