Highest and holiest

Baba says, ‘adopt the qualifications appropriate to your aim‘. You will then be said to be completely viceless, that is, a holiest soul.

When I maintain the awareness of being the child of the Ocean of Happiness, then I am ignorant of what sorrow even means. And yet, there is sorrow, there is unhappiness, disappointment. There continues to be that opposition from Maya. I continue to, against my own wishes, bow down to her.

When you don’t stay in your position, there is opposition from Maya, teaches Baba. So, remain stable in your own position. To stay in your own position is to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance.

To remain in my position means that whatever I am, whomever you belong to, I remain stable in that awareness – this is the pilgrimage of remembrance. After half a cycle of body consciousness, thinking of myself as a body has become natural. With that comes all the false ‘I’ and ‘mine’. You have forgotten the reality, says Baba. It has become difficult to accept myself as who I really am- a pure peaceful soul, a child of God. Instead, I find it easier to think of myself as an occupation, a job title, a relationship etc. It is as if I have all these multiple masks on and it has become easier to stabilize myself in any of my artificial forms than in my real or original form.

The Father says, ‘remove those artificial masks!

I have the knowledge that it is artificial, then it shouldn’t really be difficult to remove them. The problem is that I don’t remember and because I don’t remember, there isn’t that intoxication of my original form, the original religion and the elevated actions. If you were to remain in the intoxication, you would become unshakeable and immovable, says Baba. You become stable to such an extent that Maya is not able to shake you even in your thoughts. There is the memorial in bhakti of Angad– Ravan tried to shake his foot and wasn’t able to even slightly! Do you believe this to be your memorial or do you believe that this is a memorial of someone else?, asks Baba.

Only when I have the faith in the intellect that it is my memorial, will I attain victory. In fact, victory will then be guaranteed! If you have weakness in your faith and in the awareness of who you are, there is weakness in your actions too, He says. So your every thought should be constantly filled with faith in the intellect – I am the child of the of the Highest-on-High. Therefore, I am the highest and holiest. Every word and every deed would then be just as elevated as the Father’s. When I have faith that I am the highest, then I will constantly maintain my highest name and remain busy in my highest land and highest activity. I would not then perform any low actions that would defame my name. In other words, I would never bow down before Maya.

I am the great, most elevated soul selected by the Father, I have a right to the kingdom of the world, I have a right to the inheritance of the Father, I am a world benefactor! When you have this faith and intoxication, in no situation would you then bow down to the different, attractive forms of Maya, says Baba. In other words, with the original awareness, faith and intoxication, my thoughts, words and actions would automatically become so elevated that I am beyond the pull of the vices.

You need to stabilize yourself in this stage right from now!, He says. Until you become the highest, you cannot become the holiest either.

Holiest means completely viceless. To be completely viceless means to not be attracted by any vice to any percentage or to be influenced by it. Ask yourself, says Baba: if I have ordinary or weak thoughts, would I be called highest? When your thoughts become elevated, your words and actions will follow. In this way, make yourself highest and holiest and become completely viceless. There can be no name or trace of vice in those becoming deities. When you become the highest and holiest now, it will then continue for many births.

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