The special time of amrit vela

Baba says, ‘wake up at amrit vela and talk sweetly to your Father‘. Think about which family you belong to and what your duty is. 

At no other time in the cycle do I receive direct sustenance from God. Even in the golden age, although I am pure, I don’t know God. I receive sustenance from my physical parents, deities though they may be. It is only at this time do I have recognition of God for Who He is, His nature, His task. I relate to Him as my Father, Teacher, Satguru, my Friend, the Beloved, even as my Child. When I relate to Him, I experience His qualities, I understand how He operates. Do I have this intoxication that I am such a special soul whose Father is God, who has befriended God, whose Companion and Beloved is God!? Amrit vela is a special time to experience these relationships, to have that heart-to-heart connection.

Others worship God, they look at Him as a lofty being up above. They fear Him, try to impress Him, perform rituals and penance for a glimpse of Him. I have a relationship with Him, I belong to Him and He belongs to me! I am His child and thereby, a master of His treasures. I own the Father’s store! Let me revise this awareness again and again: ‘who am I? Whose child am I?’ Only when I experience a powerful form of awareness at amrit vela will I remain powerful, else I will find myself battling obstacles through the day.

Amrit vela is the appointed time for the children, says Baba. BapDada is free at this time for each and every child; to talk to every one to their heart’s content, to listen to their complaints, to finish their weaknesses, to forgive all the many types of sins they may have committed and to give them that love. He is in the form of the Innocent Lord of Treasures. There is no effort needed in this. ‘The treasure store is open, it has no lock on it’, says Baba, ‘take as much as you want’.

Let me not miss this special time, He waits for me at this time to celebrate the special meeting of the hearts, of love. I receive special blessings at this time through which I remain an easy yogi through the day. But Maya is a gambler, cautions Baba, and so she too cajoles you with many types of excuses of carelessness, laziness and waste thoughts.

When I fall for Maya’s excuses, I deprive myself of easy attainment, and my foundation for the whole day becomes weak. No matter how much effort I then make throughout the day, because the foundation is weak, I end up having to labor more and the return is less. This is because there will be situations, people, challenges that come my way during the day but when I fill myself with power, when I establish the love-full connection with Baba, I am equipped to face them. If I don’t, then I am not and experience tiredness, and become disheartened. Then, I have weak thoughts such as: ‘I don’t know when I will reach my destination. Is the time far or close? When will revelation take place so that we can go to the golden-aged world? How much longer will I have these bondages of this household?’

You put aside the attainment of the present time, says Baba and start looking to the future. Constantly keep a list of the present attainments in front of you and then the question: “When will this happen?” will change into: “It is happening now”. Instead of being disheartened, your hearts will become happy. Do not step away from the present time, says Baba.

When I have a powerful Amrit vela and the obstacle comes during the day, I experience being the child with the right and my thought is: ‘my Father is with me, He is the Almighty and I am His child. This situation cannot defeat me’. I declare victory even in the toughest circumstance, I overcome rather than complain, I don’t accept offense or hurt when it comes my way, I let it go. I don’t come to a standstill, no matter what. I stay alert to preserving and protecting my connection with the Father. I keep Him on my heart-throne, not the situation or offense. Because I renew my relationship with Him every morning, because I celebrate a heart-to-heart meeting with Him, I have the confidence that He is with me at all times, I experience that He is in-charge of my life, that He is taking care of things. I experience rest. To be at rest in a restless world is elevated fortune. The time to have this line of elevated fortune drawn is Amrit vela.

You belong to God, you are His family, Baba reminds me. I am powerful because of Who my Father is! He is the Creator of the new world. He has come at this auspicious confluence age to change hell into heaven, to change humans into deities, to establish the original deity religion. As His child, His task is my task…this is a family business! In the new world, it is God’s kingdom where there is just one set of rules that all His children learn and imbibe at this time – Shrimat. Everyone follows these rules, there is peace and love, no debate or arguments, there is no attachment or ego. It is a completely viceless world and it takes Him just a short time to establish this world. Let me remember what an elevated time this is, what an elevated task is being carried out and more importantly that I am engaged in this task as God’s helper.

Wake up early in the morning and talk to yourself in this way, stay in remembrance and you will constantly be enthusiastic, says Baba. When everyone else is asleep, that is the time when you wake up. Think about these things and then see how happy you remain. You will remember your family of God and your heart will be removed from the devil’s family.

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