100% faith in the intellect

Baba says, ‘the children whose intellects constantly have 100% faith in the Father, in their own parts and in every act of the drama at every second have guaranteed victory and success‘. Because of having guaranteed victory, they are constantly carefree.

It is said that where there is faith, there is victory. When I have faith in the intellect, I move along considering my success and victory to be guaranteed. That is in fact the definition of faith- I believe even when I don’t see, even before anything has happened.

But often we think to have faith means only to have faith in God. Yes, I do have to have faith in the intellect for the Father but I also need to have 100% faith in the intellect for my own self, simultaneously. I need to have faith in my destiny, believe in it. Thirdly, I also need to have 100% faith for whatever scene is unfolding in the drama. It is only when I have faith in all three – in Baba, in myself and in the drama- that I will be one who has 100% faith in the intellect.

If I only have faith in God, then that’s bhakti. I put all the onus on Baba and make myself helpless. But Baba reminds me that this is a partnership – between Him, me and the drama. We are all three a team. Only when the team works together, is in step, will there be the dance.

Sometimes, the circumstances I’m in are not conducive. There is opposition from family members, maybe challenges at work. It is tempting to fall into the trap of weak thoughts: this is just my lot in life! I’ll never get out of this…I’ll never be able to serve the way I want. It’s just my karma….etc. But when I have 100% faith in the intellect, I resist that temptation because I know my destiny- I know how the story ends, I have seen myself by spinning the cycle, I know the drama is fixed. So if these circumstances exist, then I realize that they are not there to defeat me, they are there to make me victorious. It’s got be that way! why else would they be part of my story? I stay strong, courageous and never stop believing.

I don’t look at drama as my enemy, I look at drama as a faithful partner pushing me forward, rooting for me, presenting me with the right situation at the right time to teach me the lesson I need to learn at that time. Sometimes, I look around and think I’d rather be somewhere else but when I have faith, I know that drama has me exactly where I need to be. This is where my learning is. When I have faith in this way, I am freed from questioning and doubting and I instead focus my precious resources on learning the lessons I am being taught. That is the only way I move on to the next adventure, the next chapter of my story.

When I have 100% faith, I don’t waver and doubt what I need to do. Maybe I come upon what I perceive to be my dream project! I am excited and thank Baba, sure that He brought it my way. I tell Him, almost as a formality, that I am ready to take it on and…He says ‘no!’. I’m crushed. I can’t believe it, did I hear Him right? I tell others that I won’t be taking on the project – some people support the decision, most think I’m crazy! They tell me what a big mistake I’m making, that I will fall behind, try to convince me to follow my gut etc. At this point if my faith is shaky I start to doubt myself and think: am I doing the right thing? is this victory or defeat? should I do it or not? But when I have 100% faith in the self and in the Father, I know that no one can take my destiny away from me. I may not understand why I have been asked to surrender my dream but I know that God and drama have something bigger in store for me, something better, something beyond my imagination. I surrender with happiness, with ease.

When I have 100% faith, I never experience myself to be alone in any circumstance. I know that I’m not meant to do life alone, I know God is with me. I know that my circumstances don’t bind God, He is God! I don’t get vengeful and try to set people straight, even if they may be looking down on me, thinking I am no good, that I am a failure, I don’t let that get inside me. I don’t harbor ill feelings toward them either…that poisons me, does me no good and slows my effort. Instead I stay in faith. I know that while things may not be happening externally, they are happening internally. I am getting stronger, more mature. I know that when it’s the right time, God will move out the obstacles, that people will co-operate and that I will reach my destiny. I stay in faith, I believe, I keep a good attitude and continue to be my best despite everything.

Sometimes, I am given a task to do and I think: this must be a mistake! I can’t do this! I don’t have the skills or the training…and besides look at these people in authority, they don’t even like me! But when I have 100% faith, I know that even if the rest of the whole world is opposed to me, God is on my side. Where the Father is, the whole world is with the Father. A seed has the whole tree in it. And so I don’t waver and ask questions such as: ‘Baba, You are with me, right Baba?’, ‘Baba, You will help me, won’t You?’ ‘Baba, I only have You!’. I don’t have to remind Baba that He is my support, He knows! The question is do I know?

To have faith in the intellect does not mean that Maya will not come, she will, storms will come. But when I have 100% faith in the intellect, I am not rattled by the storms. I stay steadfast, unmovable and unshakeable. I don’t ask God to get me out of the storm, I invite Him into the storm with me. I learn to face the storms, overcome them rather than run away. When I don’t have faith, I either ask God to get me out or I try to get out myself by saying: this is not for me, Baba has asked me to have unlimited disinterest, I will leave this project/center/job. I will be the bigger person and walk away’. This is not being a bigger person nor is it unlimited disinterest, this is stepping aside due to being afraid of the storm.

One with 100% faith in the intellect always remains distant from any waste, whether they are waste thoughts, words or deeds. To step away from waste means to be victorious. It is because of waste that there is sometimes victory and sometimes defeat. If waste has ended, then defeat has ended.

To have 100% faith means to be victorious and to remain carefree. There will not be any lines of worry visible in any situation. It isn’t sufficient to just have faith in the Father, I also need faith in the self. It is my faith that activates His power, that enables Him to do great things in my life. When I have faith, I stay open, I realize that drama cherishes me, that I wouldn’t be where I am today without those situations that came my way, without those challenges. Rather than see them as tests, I see them as stepping stones.

It is one thing to have faith in the intellect to the extent of knowing and accepting; the other is the extent of living by that faith, says Baba. You believe that you have found God and that you now belong to God. You know and accept this. But now, He says, you have to live by it.

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