Take His direction and avoid confusion

Baba says, ‘Merge God’s love and His powers in your heart and your mind will never be confused‘.

The mind is confused when there is lack of direction– should I do this or not? which way should I go? God promises that He will lead me down the best path for my life. He is my Father but He is also my Satguru, my Guide. He has the wisdom I need, the guidance and the direction but it won’t come automatically. I have to be open to receiving it, I have to want it from Him. God does not impose His will on the soul, He waits.

Every morning, at Amrit vela, let me go to Baba and ask Him for my assignment for the day- not for the week or for the month but for today. If I am in the midst of a situation, this is also the time to go to Him about it. It is the time when the atmosphere is clean, when the mind is rested and clear. ‘Don’t sit at Amrit vela with mixed feelings in your mind, but sit with a plain intellect and you will receive an accurate touching‘, says Baba.

Often this is the mistake I make. I have a question and usually a preferred answer that I hope will also be God’s answer. In fact, I am almost willing Him to tell me what I want to hear. This doesn’t work. God’s touching is clear but also subtle and I will lose it when my mind is noisy and cluttered. Let me surrender the thoughts of my mind and approach God as a child.

Take directions at every step, says Baba, and you will be free from mistakes and burden.

Often I make plans without consulting God and then ask Him to help me with those plans. Then we wonder why it’s a struggle, why the path is not clear, why there is so much confusion. It’s because I have it backwards! I have to check with God first and then do it if I have His permission.

It takes humility to say: ‘Baba, You know what’s right for me, I can’t and don’t want to do this on my own, I want to do this with You.’ When I learn to partner with God with a clean and honest heart, I will see Him close the wrong doors and open the right ones, I will see Him move obstacles and make the path clear. It may be that I don’t understand Baba’s direction. It may surprise me but let me trust and follow anyway. This is a sign of being a trustee. If you use everything according to the directions you receive, there is no sin and no burden.  You are free from that, says Baba. I become His responsibility.

Too many times, I try to do things on my own strength and ability and that limits me. Let me realize that Baba can see things I cannot see, He knows where the dangers and dead-ends are. He knows how to catapult me into my destiny- place me at the right place at the right time. I have an advantage! Let me use it at every step. Sometimes we can be in a hurry getting to work, going about our business but have I checked in with my Guru first? It’s wise to meet the Guru first before meeting other people, before signing that contract, before putting that money down, before taking that project. This is Ravan’s world and nothing is what it appears to be! It might seem fine on the surface but let me allow God to lead me, guide me and keep me on the right path. He will keep me from making mistakes.

Sometimes, I think that because I’ve done something once, I’m the expert, that I no longer need guidance. It’s like I’m on auto-pilot. But sometimes, what worked the last time does not work this time- similar situation, same place but the same solution or approach doesn’t work. This is why I have to take direction daily, listen to the Murli daily, ask Him for guidance daily- even if I feel the situation looks the same. Let me pay attention to not be hooked to a formula, let me rely on God: Baba, how do You want me to respond to this situation? Should I fight this battle or let it go? Let me take Him with me into every scene and every situation. Yes, maybe I’m skilled, I have the experience but I still need God. He is my Friend, my Companion. When I am merged in His love, I receive His divine insight, experience His powers, His support. When you hold the hand of the Almighty Authority, He says, your boat will definitely go across.

It is when you disobey any Godly discipline or direction of shrimat in your thoughts, words or deeds that you then get confused. Otherwise, there is no difficulty in moving along gladly with the Father in a happy, relaxed and comfortable manner. There is no tiredness then. There is no confusion there, says Baba. BapDada has enfolded you in His arms of love and co-operation and is taking you with Him. A garland of the arms of love and co-operation are constantly around your necks. How could children who are garlanded with such a garland possibly get confused? Those who constantly swing in the swings of happiness and who constantly stay in remembrance of the Father cannot find anything difficult or confusing. How can those who stay under the canopy of the Father’s sustenance be confused?

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