Experiencing bliss

Baba says, ‘It is only the Father’s task to give bliss to the whole world‘. He is the Creator and all the rest are creation.

Only someone who has something can give that to others. Only the One who is full can give it to the whole world. Only the Father is the One who is full of knowledge, is blissful and full of purity. This praise cannot be given to human beings.

Bliss is a state of perfect happiness, a state where I just am. There are no needs, desires or influences that pull the soul. It’s a state of being full and complete. This is the stage of deities in the golden age- they are blissful because they are complete. There are only deities in the golden age, everyone is complete, everyone is virtuous and completely viceless. It’s a default state of bliss! It is default then because it is learnt now. It is now, at this auspicious confluence age, that we, the deity souls, learn how to be blissful, how to be happy.

Purity, peace, happiness, knowledge, bliss – these are my original qualities as a soul. When I forgot I am a soul and started to think of myself as a body, these qualities got merged or became dormant. Now, the Father has reminded me of who I am once again. When I situate myself in my original awareness and connect with Him, the Source, the One Who is full of all virtues, I experience His virtues – His love, His bliss. As the soul is charged, my own virtues re-emerge, they are activated.

To situate myself in the original awareness is not merely about repeating to myself that I am a soul, a point of light. It is to be in that consciousness. A primary characteristic of soul consciousness is balance or equanimity. When there isn’t equanimity, I am unable to experience bliss from the Father for myself.

Just as a soul and a body are two things, so the Father and Dada are two. The world is transformed through the task carried out by both of them. In the same way, Baba says, keep a balance of things and you will be able to receive bliss from the Father. 1) Loving and detached. 2) Praise and defamation. 3) Love and power. 4) Dharma and karma. 5) Being in solitude and being entertaining. 6) Maturity with seriousness and being harmonious. When there is equality in all these types of balance, Baba says, you will then be able to come close to the stage of perfection. It shouldn’t be that one quality merges and the other one emerges. This won’t have any impact.

For example, while listening to your praise, Baba says, you must not become intoxicated with that praise and while listening to defamation, you must not have feelings of dislike. This is called the stage of closeness to BapDada. There should not be the slightest difference in your vision or in your attitude. There should not be the attitude that someone is an enemy, or that so and so is someone who insults you or so and so is someone who praises you. Let there be the attitude of a well-wisher and the vision of a benefactor towards both. To be the same to both types is known as having equanimity. But when this effort lacks, you don’t have the blissful life you should have, says Baba.

Instead of equanimity, there is usually upheaval. The reason for this, Baba says, is a lack of fullness. When something is full, there cannot be any rattling. So, in order to save yourself from any type of upheaval, continue to remain full, says Baba and you will become complete. Fullness comes from the continued practice of soul consciousness.

The Father says: Simply have the faith that you are souls and remember Me, your Father. Connect your intellects in yoga to Me and your sins will be burnt and you will become charitable souls; you will change from humans into deities. This is not a new thing! The Father has come after 5000 years and is giving you your inheritance. He is the Purifier, the Liberator. His love is the alchemy that transforms. As I fill myself with His love, I let go of the pursuit of limited attainments that cause me to lose my equanimity – I let go of the need for approval, of the need for name, fame, status, I let go of expectations and demands of others etc. Essentially, I attach myself to Him and let go of all other attachments to people and things. I attach myself to the truth and let go of the falsehoods. The truth by it’s very nature is constant, doesn’t fluctuate. With falsehoods, there is always up and down.

I am a soul, a child of God. I am nothing else, and there is no one else but the Father. This is surrender, a surrender that brings fullness, gives me back my sovereignty and the experience of bliss.

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