Mother Brahma

Baba says, ‘This is Mother Brahma‘. Shiv Baba has adopted you through Mother Brahma.

You now belong to the Father. You know that Shiv Baba has made you His children through Brahma.

At this time, you understand very clearly that you are Shiv Baba’s children. Then, in the corporeal form, you are the children of Prajapita Brahma. The human world is created through Prajapita Brahma. It isn’t that a new world is created; no. He comes at this time and adopts you. You call Him the Mother and Father. The Father tells you through Brahma: You souls are My children. Therefore, Shiva is the Father and Brahma is the mother. They are called mother and Father.

You have moved away from the shudra clan and come here into the Brahmin clan. You have been adopted through the body of Brahma. You have come into the Brahmin clan.

Brahmin life means the elevated creation of the World Creator.  Do you have the intoxication that each one of you is the direct creation of the Father?  People of the world unknowingly say that they have been created by God.  Previously, all of you also used to say this unknowingly, but you now know that you are the kumars and kumaris who belong to the clan of Shiva.  So, you now say, on the basis of knowledge and understanding, that God has created you and that you are the mouth-born creation.  

The Father has created the creation directly through Brahma.  So, you are the creation of BapDada or the mother and Father.  You can now say from experience that you are the direct creation of God. When this secret enters your intellect, you can constantly and automatically have this spiritual intoxication and happiness on your face and in your activities.

The Father knows that you remember Mother Brahma a great deal. However, the practical form of love is to become equal. To the extent that you have true love in your heart, accordingly, just as much zeal and enthusiasm in following the Father is visible in the children’s minds.

This alokik love of the alokik mother is not such that it would make you viyogi (separated), it is love that will make you easy yogis, Raja Yogis, that is, it will make you into kings! The alokik mother has alokik (spiritual) attachment: wanting every child to become a king. Everyone should become a king, not part of the subjects. You are those who will create subjects, not those who will become subjects.

Because Father Brahma is the creator of the corporeal world, and because he played the part of giving sustenance through the corporeal form, he has special love for the children who are playing their part in the corporeal form. Father Brahma feels the deep love for you to become constantly powerful, constant and intense effort-makers and always remain in the flying stage, and that you become free from having to labor repeatedly.

Did you hear the things that Father Brahma said?  Only the children are merged in Father Brahma’s eyes.  Do you know the special language of Father Brahma and what he used to say? He always used to say: “My children, my children!” The Father smiles.  

You are the children of Brahma and this is why you say that your surname is Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris.  You don’t say that you are Shiv Kumars and Shiv Kumaris.  It is with Brahma that you have to go.  It is with Brahma that you remain for the longest time in the different names and forms.  You are the mouth-born creation of Brahma.  The Father is with you anyway.  Nevertheless, in the corporeal, it is Brahma ’s part. 

You shaktis must give souls such love and sustenance that you enable them to claim a right to the Father’s imperishable inheritance. In mundane life too, a mother sustains her children and makes them strong enough to be always able to face any problems that come to them, so that they stay constantly healthy and wealthy. In the same way, you elevated souls have to become world mothers. Do not just become a mother, but a world mother, an unlimited mother and make their minds so powerful that they constantly experience themselves to be destroyers of obstacles, full of all powers, healthy and wealthy. There is now a need for this type of sustenance.

It is the mother who introduces her children to their father. It is the mother who enables the children to meet their father. Don’t just enable souls to come to you, but make them capable of forging a connection with the Father. Don’t create little children who constantly keep calling out for their mother, but teach them to say, “Baba, Baba!” Enable them to claim a right to their inheritance. Follow Brahma.

With thoughts of love, BapDada, in the form of both Mother and Father, is sustaining all the children.  In worldly life too, parents continue to sustain their dearly beloved children with many powerful things in an incognito way.  You speak of this as special hospitality.  Therefore, BapDada, whilst sitting in the subtle region, also gives special hospitality to the children.

BapDada invokes all the children in their subtle angelic form and calls them in front of Him. Because you are the children who have all rights, through His thoughts He gives you children the subtle hospitality of making you full of all special powers.  One is to attain power through your own effort.  This is to receive special hospitality in the form of the sustenance of love from the Mother and Father.

Mother Brahma cannot stay in the subtle region without the splendor and sparkle of the children.  He has spiritual motherly attachment.  With the invocation with subtle love, Baba invokes the special group of the children. You probably remember in the sakar days Baba used to invite special groups and feed them with His hands and also entertain them. That sanskar of love is even now continuing in a practical way. For you children to have this experience, you just need to become equal to the Father in the angelic form.  

At amrit vela, Mother Brahma especially calls out to you children, saying, “Come children, come children”, and feeds you with the nourishment of special powers.  Just as when Baba was here in the physical form, Baba used to feed you with ghee and also make you do exercises, so too, Baba also gives you the ghee of subtle powers in the subtle region and also helps you to do the exercise of this practice.  He inspires you to tour around with your intellect to go to the supreme region one moment and to go to the subtle region the next moment and, the next moment, to be in the corporeal world leading a Brahmin life.  He makes you run a race in all three regions.  Through this you have special hospitality merged in your life.

The Father asked Mother Brahma: What do you especially remember on this day of the love of the children? Do you know what Brahma said in return? The children are my world.

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