Become soul conscious

Baba says, ‘Children, I have now come. Therefore, become soul conscious!’ Your first duty is to remember the Father with a lot of love.

When I experience God’s love, it is alchemy. It heals deep wounds and completely transforms the soul. It gives identity and belonging, it gives power. It is as if an eternal void has been filled with the only unselfish, altruistic, true, pure, love that I had been searching for many lives. Even if I didn’t know God on the path of devotion, I did search for Him because deep down, the soul remembered that One as the Beloved, as the only One who can liberate me, fulfill me. I didn’t know Who, or what exactly was tying me down or what would fulfill me…I simply kept on seeking.

I made promises – when You come, I will only remember You. I will only eat with You, walk with you, sit with you. All I wanted was a little salvation, a little glimpse, a little….I stood in devotion and called Him my Father and Mother but little did I know that He is indeed my true, eternal Father and Mother. I sang His praise but little did I know that by virtue of being His child, every one of His praise is mine too!

Baba came and reminded me of all of this. He reminded me of who I am and of the fact that I am His child. He also reminded me of the promises I made back then. I have come, He says, now, remember Me alone. This shouldn’t be difficult, He reasons. For one, you have now found the One that you had been calling out for many births; two, it should be difficult to forget, not to remember the one you love. Some devotees are even ready to cut off their heads for a glimpse of God! There is no question of intense devotion here, He says. Here, you have to remember.

Remembrance is the easiest and most natural thing I do as a human-being. But the quality of that remembrance – the kind of thoughts I generate depends on my awareness. For half a cycle, I thought of myself as a body and therefore, the mind has become accustomed to thoughts related to that consciousness. I sit down to remember Baba and immediately, the events of the day spring to mind- there are feelings of jealousy, of insult, of hurt. Sometimes, it is feelings of shame and guilt for mistakes I made myself. I don’t like feeling these feelings and so I try to cut them off, stop them, overpower them. But Baba says, this is not a life of labor, this is an easy yogi life. If I have to labor even after belonging to God, then what’s the point!

Rather than battle each head of Ravan, Baba says, cut off the neck. Devotees offer to cut off their own head, here, you cut off Ravan’s head, He says. Pay attention, He cautions, that you don’t accidentally leave 1 or 2 heads! To cut off the head completely is to cut off body consciousness. That is the seed. When the seed of my awareness is wrong, everything that springs from it is wrong…it’s weeds i.e. the vices! When I stabilize myself in the awareness of being a soul, then everything that springs from it is beautiful – it’s roses and jasmines and all the other fragrant flowers i.e. virtues and powers.

The weapon to cut off Ravan’s neck is the discus of self-realization. Throughout the day, spin the discus, He says. See yourself throughout the cycle- remember how elevated you are, you are the same worship-worthy soul, you are the same world sovereign soul. When I am caught up in body consciousness- in all the false ‘I’s and ‘mine’s, in what he said and she said, in the comparisons and competitions – I deprive myself of the enjoyment of who I really am, I don’t experience my original qualities, rather I experience negative emotions.

Because you remain body conscious a great deal, there isn’t the intoxication of the Father’s inheritance, He points out. You should have a lot of intoxication. 

Of all the roles I’ve played, none is more elevated than the one I am playing right now- as a Brahmin soul. Why? because I experience being the direct child of God. I am always His child but it is only now that I have this awareness. I take direct sustenance from God- not just as my Father and Mother, but He also becomes my Teacher, my Friend, my Beloved. I am the Husband of all husbands and the Father of all fathers, He says. When I am caught up in the hustle of body consciousness, in the laboring and battling, I don’t experience this sustenance from God, I don’t experience His companionship. I will fulfill all your relationships 100%, He says, I will provide for you, be responsible for you. But if I am not even present, I cannot avail of His offer. Often we think that the inheritance is the golden age, I forget that it is right now! This time with God, the knowledge He is teaching me, His pure love, His guidance at every step as my Satguru, His Friendship…- nothing can beat this! In the golden age, I am merely eating the fruit of the effort I make now but it is now that I actively participate in creating that fortune, it is now that I get to partner with God Himself and transform from human to angel.

When I remember this, I cannot help but feel intoxicated. When I remember

When I remember, I don’t make excuses or give reasons. I don’t make my stage depend on others or on circumstances changing, I busy myself in the study, in taking in every little thing God is teaching me. I don’t worry about impressing people, I am too busy in the company of the One. Nothing and no one is important enough to get between me and my Beloved.

It is not a big thing to sacrifice yourself out of love, is it? asks Baba. People of the world are ready to give their life for impure love, whereas all BapDada wants is your rubbish. Just give away the rubbish of body consciousness, He says. To renounce this is a sign of fortune. Many ask, what do I need to do to experience God’s love? Some others ask, what do I have to do to give a return for God’s love? In either case, it’s not what you have to do, He teaches, it’s who you have to be. And that is soul conscious.

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