Taking His help

Baba says, ‘To children who take His full company, He is well known for giving His help’. Those children have extra attainment. 

Being a child of God does not mean that storms will not come. The only one Who is beyond the influence of Maya is God Himself. And so if He were omnipresent i.e. in you and me, as many tend to believe, then none of us would face storms either. But we do, because as God Himself teaches us, He is NOT omnipresent. We need His help to face the storms.

Storms will come to all of us but it’s not the storm that’s important, it’s how I respond. Most of the times my immediate reaction is: ‘Baba, get me out of this situation, out of this trouble at work..’ but sometimes, what I need for my journey I can only get from that storm. It is here not to defeat me but to propel me forward. And so before I get out of the storm, I have to be able to get what I need from the storm. To stay put takes courage, faith, endurance, and maturity.

He says, I am the Ocean of Help but you have to know how to take My help.

Before I get out of the storm, I have to invite God in. His help is not always in getting me out, it is in getting me through. His magic is not in making the storm go away, it is in what He can do in the storm with me. Let me invite Him into my storm- into that situation at work where I am not being treated fairly, into that anxiety I am dealing with, into that depression, into that treatment for the illness. When I invite Him in, I experience strength I cannot explain, grace that outlasts what should have stopped me.

Where I usually falter is when I get into the ‘when‘. When I don’t see things change immediately, that voice starts to whisper in my head: ‘this is just my karma, what can even God do!’, ‘Baba won’t waste His time with me, I’m no one important, if He were really here things should have got better by now…’ Let me remember that God does not do things my way or on my timetable. Let me learn to trust His timetable and His ways. He knows what He is doing. He didn’t bring the storm but He wouldn’t have allowed it if it was going to take me away from my destiny. The fact that it is here means it has something I need, something He can and wants to help me get if I will allow Him, if I will invite Him in.

I get anxious and have sleepless nights when I am only focused on getting out. God is waiting to come in! If I invite God into the storm with me, I am at rest knowing that He is in charge, He is KaranKaravanhaar. He is going to get me through this, the right way and at the right time.

When you take a step of courage, I will match it with a thousand of Mine, He promises.

When I ask Him in, I am in effect saying: ‘Baba, don’t just change the circumstances, change me. Help me to not just go through this situation, let me grow through it’. That takes courage, faith and maturity. Yes, it’s hard when I am in the storm but when I dig my heels in and continue to be my best despite the unfair circumstances, when I continue to maintain a good attitude even when things don’t seem to be getting better, I am passing the test. I am saying to God that even though I don’t understand everything yet, I know that You are with me. I know that you are working on me, preparing me.

I shone out where I am, I’m smiling when I can be bitter and discouraged. I can do this because the One who is with me is the Creator, the Highest-on High Father! I know that He is the Liberator and Guide! Baba never promised that there won’t be storms but He did promise that He would guide me through it by being my Boatman. He never promised me that I won’t have to walk through a fire but He did promise that He would walk through it with me. When I remember Him, take His hand, the only thing that burns in the fire would be the alloy of negative mindsets and the strings of bondage holding me back. He is the Almighty Authority! To remember Him is to experience His company which gives me power to do that which I could not do on my own.

If I were to reflect on my own experiences, I find that the most powerful experiences are not of when God got me out of the storm but of when God came into the storm and got me through it. Because those are the experiences that changed me- they enabled me to overcome fear, increased my faith, built up my confidence, helped my character come up higher. If God were to get me out of every situation instantly, I wouldn’t be able to reach my full potential. God works in the trouble, in the uncomfortable situations. When I know this, I experience peace in the midst of the storm, hope when I could be distraught.

So let me not be afraid when I hear the thunder roar, and I see that lightning flash because God Himself is my Companion! He is my Protector, my Benefactor, my Provider, my Boatman. Let me not complain or become afraid when the storm hits, let me stay in the boat. It’s going to get stormier as the boat has to pass through the middle of the ocean before it can get to the other side. But what I need to do is not pay attention to the storm, instead remind myself of Who the Boatman is. Without great tests, there wouldn’t be great testimonies; without great wars, no great victories. My one step of courage, of faith is all He needs to ensure I get to the other side a completely transformed soul- beggar to prince, worshiper to worship-worthy, bankrupt to self-sovereign.

If you were to take His full company, He is well known for giving His help. He gives the full inheritance in which there is nothing lacking.

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