Only the Father can reform that which has been spoiled

Baba says, ‘Only the Unlimited Father is called the One who reforms that which has been spoiled‘. Krishna cannot reform that which has been spoiled.

For half a cycle, I had forgotten who I am and Whom I belong to. I went to the temple and sang praise in front of the deity: ‘You are so pure, I am a degraded sinner, have mercy on me’. I thought of the deity as God, with my head bowed down in reverence, I humbly asked for help and mercy with one thing or another – O God! please help my child pass his exam, O God! please help me win that project, O God! please help me buy that new house, O God! please help me pay off my loan, O God! please help me recover from this illness….and on and on.

Then one day, God came and reminded me of who I am and introduced Himself to me. He told me that I am not a body or the roles I play but that I am the soul, the actor who plays the roles. He told me that He too is a soul but Supreme not because of size but because of His qualities- I am the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Bliss, the Ocean of Purity… He said. Then, He gave me the most important piece of information. He told me that He and I are related, not distantly, but that He is my eternal Father. ‘You are my long lost and now found child‘, He said, ‘all that is Mine is yours‘.

Suddenly and instantly, God went from being ‘God‘, this lofty, distant, unattainable Being to being my Baba! I went from being an orphan begging for alms to a child with rights. I went from standing outside the gate hoping the landlord would notice me to now, owning the place! I went from extending my hand forward for a dollar bill to now, sitting on the lap and putting my hand in His pocket! That’s the difference a relationship makes, and not just any relationship but that of a father – because a father means inheritance! it means rights! it means ownership!

Just as a physical father creates children and gives them an inheritance, in the same way the unlimited Father also gives you your inheritance, teaches Baba. But when I think of Krishna as God, the relationship of a father and child is hard to conceive of. Krishna does not evoke the relationship, in fact, even the word ‘father’ or ‘Baba’ does not come to the lips. Krishna is well, Krishna! This is therefore the biggest, the main, mistake made in Bharat, says Baba. Because of this one mistake of wrong recognition, souls remain orphans, remain beggars.

Only the Father comes and uplifts everyone. He does so by correcting the big mistake made in Bharat – by giving souls the true knowledge of who they are and Who God is. Salvation is received through knowledge. Only the Father comes and bathes you in knowledge because at this time in the cycle, only He knows. Because of never coming in the cycle of birth and rebirth like souls do, He remains in constant realization, never forgets. He comes and tells me the truth.

But I have to imbibe the truth for only then will the falsehood wash off. Just hearing or even understanding the knowledge doesn’t change behaviors ingrained over half a cycle. I might be able to teach the 7-day course and give the introduction of the Father to others but do I actually relate to Him in that way? Do I have the awareness of a child with rights?

  • Baba says. ‘I make you into the masters of heaven‘; am I still asking for help to make it in Ravan’s world? Am I still begging like I did before with the only change being that I replaced the word God with Baba? ‘Baba, help me win this project’, ‘Baba, help me move into this neighborhood’. He takes a world that is rotten to its core and gives me a whole new, pure world not just for one birth but for half a cycle. Am I still hustling to ‘make it’ for a short while in the old, rotten one?
  • He has already approved me, I am His child, the jewel of His eye! Do I have this unlimited happiness and intoxication or am I still caught up in proving myself to human-beings, in winning their approval?
  • Am I asking Him for a little salvation? ‘Baba, please remove this person from here, then I will be able to serve’, ‘Baba, please change this circumstance, then I will be happy’ or am I claiming the unlimited salvation He is giving me, liberation-in-life, where my happiness is not tied to any circumstance, person or situation, I claim it as my birthright.
  • Do I feel fear or shame when I come face to face with old sanskars i.e. do I still see myself as a sinner: ‘can this too happen?’, ‘how can this be, I never had these thoughts even before gyan!’ He is telling me the opposite. He is telling me that I am in fact the deity I used to worship as all virtuous, 16 celestial degrees pure and completely viceless! ‘This is in fact your praise‘, He tells me. Have I stepped into my destiny or do I still see myself as unqualified?
  • He has given me the third eye and taught me how to spin the discus of self-realization so I can see the beginning. middle and end of my story. Do I still focus on just a few isolated scenes where things are a little hard and decide that I dislike the whole story: ‘this is just my karma’, ‘this is my lot in life’? Do I still define myself by a mistake or an event and stay down while God is trying to lift me up?
  • As my Father, He wants me to invite Him into my life. Hold my hand, He says, and I will take you across. Do I do this i.e. follow His Shrimat and take His company or do I push Him away as ‘God’? Do I think: ‘God is too busy, He has better things to do’ and try to go at it alone? Do I realize that I am His business, His priority? Do I have the intoxication that He is here just for me, to take me home with Him?

In short, the Father from beyond is here to give me the happiness of unlimited sovereignty. He is telling me that I am meant to reign in life! Let me not deprive myself of my full destiny by being limited in my thinking. He doesn’t come to make me a better worshiper, He comes to make me into worship-worthy. He doesn’t come to grant me mercy, He comes to remind me of my rights. He does not come to give me a little respite, He comes to show me the path to liberation-in-life. In other words, He doesn’t take something that is completely wrong, completely spoiled and make it a little better, He reforms it completely. This is the praise of just the One Father, Krishna cannot do this. Now, it is up to me to learn how to claim this inheritance of unlimited sovereignty from the Unlimited Father.

The Father says: constantly remember Me and the inheritance. Remembrance gives me the power to imbibe the knowledge i.e. claim my inheritance. The more I fill myself with power, the sooner I claim the inheritance and the sooner I start experiencing the pure world. 

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