Death for the prey and joy for the hunter

Baba says, ‘Constantly have the intoxication that there is death for the prey and joy for the hunter’

The specialty of those who are true Brahmins, those who aim to have an elevated life, is happiness. The memorial of the present time is: Nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of Brahmins. Not in the treasure-store of deities but in the treasure-store of Brahmins. I have found the Father, I have found everything, what else do I need? I have all attainments through the Father and when someone has all attainments, and not a single one is lacking, then there is constant happiness and cheerfulness. Do I have this experience that nothing is lacking?

Often, I forget what I have attained and subconsciously still adhere to the criteria of the old world- I still value myself based on performing perfectly, on approvals of people. Maybe I was sloppy and did not handle a decision in life as I should have – I let that person down, I slacked off on that project, didn’t raise the kids right…whatever. I forget that these are mistakes, not who I am. I might have failed at something, but I am not a failure. But often I go through life wearing these negative labels on me, down on myself about what I didn’t get right. It kills my zeal and enthusiasm and sucks the joy out of my life.

I then call out to God: ‘have mercy on me!’. But Baba says, ‘God cannot have mercy in this or even give blessings. In fact, you have to give yourself mercy and blessings. You were deities, but look what you have now become! Look at yourselves and then make effort to become deities. You have to make effort to become beautiful from ugly‘.

God doesn’t define me by my mistakes, I do. He does not apply labels on me, judge me or condemn me, I do. My failures are not a surprise to God, nor does He keep them on His mind. He has forgotten about them, but I remember, I hold on. Then, why am I asking God for mercy? Rather, let me have mercy on myself, let me bless myself. God’s vision did not fall on the famous ones of the old world, it fell on those whom the world dismissed as ordinary- on you and me. He chose me before I chose Him. So then why am I still trying to prove myself and to whom? It’s as if I am auditioning for a role I already got!

Always remember that you are seated on God’s heart-throne, He says. This awareness is the tilak. If I have this tilak, then I will be seated on the throne. But often when I make a mistake or someone insults me or disapproves of me or when I don’t get the outcome I was hoping for, I wipe off this tilak and get off the throne. God didn’t ask me to, I do this myself. His calling on my life is irrevocable. He didn’t make me His child based on my performing perfectly or based on outcomes, but that’s how I measure myself. His tilak is not a physical one, it is imperishable, it is the tilak of sovereignty. This is what deities have- sovereignty. They don’t become subservient to a mistake, cover their faces when a project doesn’t pan out, live bitter when someone betrays them. They own their happiness, they don’t give it away, they don’t walk around wearing labels, they wear the tilak of awareness of who they are. They walk with their shoulders back, head held high knowing that they are still who they are, no matter what. They know that their purpose has not changed, that it cannot be canceled by an event. That’s beautiful! Body consciousness, not so much.

Let me remember that this is a student life. When I have this attitude, I will keep myself open to learning and take those labels of negativity and condemnation off. I allow God to do the work in me, to change me without shutting myself off. ‘Very good children left the rosary and became part of the subjects‘, cautions Baba. Only those who are detached observers can keep moving forward on the journey and become the beads of the rosary of victory. Yes, tests will come, old sanskars will surface and I will make mistakes but that’s how I realize what I need to destroy. I am the hunter on the journey home and along the way, I’m going to have to hunt down predators. But that’s a good thing! It gives me joy and I feel intoxicated when I discover one more sanskar that was lurking in the dark and put an end to it. Some may be more slippery than others but that’s okay, that’s the fun of the hunt! If I realize this and stay open in this way, God will use the mistakes to prepare me for where He is taking me – my faith will grow, I will become free, bold, confident, my character will come up higher.

It is Maya’s duty to come to try to steal your birthright – your happiness, and it is your duty is to attain victory, not to become confused, teaches Baba. When a prey comes in front of the hunter, would he become afraid? When Maya comes, attain victory and don’t be afraid. This is death to the prey and joy for the hunter.

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