Being obedient

Baba says, ‘have faith in your intellect and continue to follow each one of the Father’s directions‘. Only by following His directions will you become elevated.

Accurate faith is: I now belong to the Father, the Supreme Soul, and I recognize, accept and move along considering myself to be a soul and I know the Father as He is. This is accurate faith. An intellect that has accurate faith is victorious. It is victorious because where there is accurate faith in who I am and Who is teaching me, there is obedience.

When I have accurate faith in who I am and Who is teaching me, I am easily an embodiment of awareness of the Father’s instructions. I therefore automatically move along in their every thought, word and action according to those instructions, I am automatically obedient. When I don’t have accurate faith, I am sometimes an embodiment of awareness but other times, I am not. Accordingly, I am obedient when I am aware but other times, I perform an action and when it does not end well, I realize I disobeyed an instruction.

To obey is also the easiest way to imbibe the knowledge. As the Father, Teacher and Satguru, Baba gives me directions for every act I perform. To be obedient to all three forms means to be an easy effort-maker, says Baba. He gives me directions for every aspect of my day from Amritvela until night time- for my thoughts, words and actions for every moment. If I were to follow these directions, I would never experience anything to be laborious or difficult, He says. You don’t even have to think whether you should do something or not, if something is right or wrong because when I have faith that it is God that is giving me these instructions, then I know that God’s directions are always elevated. ‘In fact’, says Baba, ‘the first promise you made when you belonged to the Father was: ‘Baba, this body, mind and money is all Yours…whatever I have is all Yours.’, ‘I will have all relationships with You’. It’s not that Baba literally takes my mind, body and wealth…instead, He asks me to look after them as a trustee. A trustee uses that which is placed in his trust as per instructions.

When I don’t obey instructions, I battle in my mind and say things like: ‘I didn’t mean to say that but it came out of my mouth’, ‘I didn’t mean to do that but it happened’ etc. This is a sign that I have used that which I am holding in trust, for myself, per my own dictates. This is how Maya enters- through the doorways of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Beware of this, cautions Baba, and close the doors. When that co-worker or service companion behaves rudely, I know the instruction is to be tolerant but I decide I’ve had enough: ‘how much longer do I need to tolerate? am I the only one who needs to change?’. The fact of the matter is that the more I obey, the better I get at something and the easier it becomes to do. Simply remember the promise that you are holding even your body and mind in trust and so there cannot be the ‘I’ and ‘mine’ of body consciousness that causes disobedience.

‘At amrit vela, think: I am an obedient child’, teaches Baba. To obey the Father is to become equal to the Father. Simply follow shrimat! Do not follow the dictates of your own mind or the dictates of others. Do not make any additions to shrimat. Then, you have to labor, you won’t be able to fly. Shrimat makes you double light. To follow shrimat means to become equal to the Father easily. No situation can bring anyone who follows shrimat down. 

Sometimes, it’s not saying or doing the wrong things but it’s ignoring what I am being told to do. Baba tells me to spin the discus of self-realization but I don’t think I need to and so I don’t practice it. As a consequence, when waste thoughts come to shake me, I am easily shaken because I don’t know to use the weapon. When I have faith that God is instructing me, I realize that He knows what is good for me, He knows what I’m going to need. And so if He is asking me to practice something, I will faithfully obey.

Those who were residents of heaven have become residents of hell and the Father has now come to make you into pure residents of heaven’, He says, ‘they are the purest of all. There is no other religion like yours. You remain pure for half the cycle’. Complete purity is purity in thoughts, words, actions, relationships and connections…in every aspect of my life. When I have accurate faith and therefore, obedience, then I will not find it difficult to imbibe complete purity. ‘It is only by following shrimat that you become elevated. You now understand that you are becoming like those deities‘.

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